Home Education Nyenrode and TCS announce a partnership for digital transformation

Nyenrode and TCS announce a partnership for digital transformation

Nyenrode and TCS announce digital transformation partnership

Nyenrode Business University and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have announced a partnership to accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

The Dutch institution Nyenrode and the Indian organization TCS seek to fuel the next generation of global business leaders.

The collaboration will be mostly focused around TCS Pace Program. This will include creating a collaborative ecosystem that brings together startups, academia and business to promote an innovation environment using the latest digital transformation technologies.

Nyenrode and TCS want to promote a more sustainable society

The two institutions will work together with members of the councils of various European organizations to collaborate on these future projects. Through this cooperation, these industry leaders will strive to strengthen the economy and promote a more sustainable society.

Prof. dr. Desiree van Gorp, chair of the Nyenrode International Advisory Board, said:

“TCS and Nyenrode have maintained a warm relationship since 2006, in which we worked together. We look forward to engaging in more structured collaboration on the topic of digital transformation.

“This is an important area of ​​expertise for talent development at Nyenrode, and it will be of great benefit to our students and the Nyenrode community as a whole, leading to joint publications and joint activities aimed at serving the business community by sharing relevant knowledge and experiences.”

The main topics of the program are finance, digital work, sustainability and the future of mobility

Joshua Devasia, Head of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) The Netherlandsconfirmed this statement and expressed the institution’s expectation for this future cooperation.

“I am very excited to collaborate with Nyenrode on this important topic of digital transformation. Today, virtually every industry is failing because of companies that adhere to digital thinking.

“In addition to being a global society, we are dealing with a lot of big challenges, ranging from sustainability to health issues. Developing more talent and knowledge about digital transformation is crucial to creating a more sustainable economy as well as a more sustainable world. ”

The main topics to be focused on – through joint activities, research, publications and internships – are finance, digital jobs, sustainability, the changing dynamics of financial services and the future of mobility.

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