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Oberlin doesn’t have to pay $36 million, at least not yet


Oberlin College doesn’t have to pay $36 million to a bakery, according to a ruling Tuesday by the Ohio Supreme Court. cleveland.com informed.

The case began in 2016, when Allin Gibson caught three Black Oberlin students stealing wine from Gibson’s Bakery, which is adjacent to the college. The students claimed racism. The aftermath led to student protests led by then-Dean of Students Meredith Raymond, who distributed fliers protesting the bakery, and Oberlin’s student government, which passed a resolution accusing the bakery of a history of racial discrimination.

In 2017, the bakery sued Oberlin, claiming the college had damaged its reputation.

In April, the Ohio Court of Appeals is supported judgment against the college.

The judge who originally tried the case settled on a $25 million verdict, plus $6 million for Gibson’s attorneys. That amount has grown to $36 million with interest.

The Ohio Supreme Court was just a few lines long and contained no legal arguments.

Oberlin argued that while it pursues further appeals, it does not have to pay.





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Oberlin doesn’t have to pay $36 million, at least not yet
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