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Order by John-Patrick Bale (Book Review #1280) – Tales Review


The Order is a historical fiction set in the year 16thousand France of the century. Jan Vander Leuk, a young novice, realizes that what he imagined when he joined the brotherhood is not all that he dreamed of. He must then change his way of thinking and travel to the Holy Roman Empire to understand the truth about what is happening to his Church.

She, as the main character, was a pleasure to read. His naive personality was very endearing at first. As his personality grew, you saw a curious young man answering all the questions that popped into his head.

What stands out about this book are the historical references and how they sync up with the character development. The story has a mysterious and intriguing idea that makes it a transformative journey to read. The pace of the story is steady and this adds to the enjoyment of the story.

I recommend this book to readers of historical mysteries.

Written by Jayron Mayne

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