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Ostrom’s guide to electricity in Germany

Ostrom's guide to electricity in Germany

Whether you have just come to Germany or have been here for many years, finding an electricity supplier is difficult. In Germany alone, there are more than 1,200 companies, each offering different tariffs, price guarantees and bonuses. So how do you know you’re getting a bargain, especially if you don’t speak German?

Both energy experts and expatriates team in Acute knows how confusing German energy is. That’s why they’ve simplified everything with one flexible monthly plan with transparent pricing. You can cancel it at any time and all in English and German! Here is a summary of electricity in Germany and how Ostrom can help.

Acute knows that electricity in Germany can be confusing – so they simplified everything

Why should I choose a supplier?

In Germany you have to pay directly to the energy supplier for your electricity, even if you rent. If you do not sign up for one before moving, you can automatically sign up with the default provider ( Land supply). This means you’ll have electricity from day one, but be warned: default providers always have higher prices, and you can get stuck in a contract you don’t need, so it’s best to avoid that.

Subscribing to things in Germany can be difficult if you don’t speak German, that’s why Ostrom offers everything in English – from the registration process to contracts, customer support and even them application.

How are electricity prices calculated in Germany?

The price you pay monthly for electricity depends on your location and the estimated consumption of kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. The best way to estimate this is with an electricity bill for the previous year, but if you don’t have one, you can also make an estimate based on the number of people you live with. Typically, this is 1,500 kWh per person, 2,500 for two, 3,500 for three and so on.

Of course, the actual energy consumption of a household will vary greatly depending on the location and lifestyle, so in most providers you will receive either a refund or a bill (Payment) at the end of each year. After the first year, your monthly price will change depending on your consumption last year.

Ostrom will help you avoid these troubles Payment surprises, letting you track your consumption throughout the yearand adjusting your monthly payment accordingly, and all this directly through Application ostrom.

Bonuses and price guarantees sound good, but are they?

Vendors often offer new bonuses to customers (Neukundenbonus), distributed during the first year to attract new customers. However, after this year is over, prices often rise significantly and you remain signed to an expensive contract for next year.

Price guarantee (Price guarantee) also sounds appealing because you know that next year you will pay the same amount no matter what. They can make a difference if you schedule time correctly, but now is not the time! The current energy crisis over the past year has tripled prices, and no one wants to pay three times more than they should when prices fall.

Ostrom promises to offer electricity at a purchase price that includes passing on any cost reduction to its customers. That’s why they offer one flexible monthly rate which you can adjust or cancel at any time, instead of offering price guarantees and bonuses.

What do I need to sign up for electricity or switch to a new supplier?

Once you have chosen a supplier, you will need to provide them with standard personal data as well as your postal code and address in Germany as well as an estimate of your annual consumption in kWh.

You will also need a counter number (Number of numbers), unique to your home. If you already live there, you can find it on the meter itself (usually near the front door or in the basement). If you move to a new location, you will find this in the transfer protocol (Transmission protocol). If you are still having trouble finding, you can always ask your property manager (House management).

Ostrom worked hard to make registration as easy as possible. With everything that is done online, it only takes a few minutes to register. Their customer service will make the transition for you and you will receive everything in English and German.

How do you hear? Head to Ostrom.de subscribe today!

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