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Overcoming the limitations of personal learning opportunities in 2021

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The U.S. economy experienced an unprecedented and sudden shock in March 2020, unlike what none of us have experienced in our lifetime. Similarly, the restart of the economy this year will be unique, although it should not come as a shock as the shutdown. Because it needs to be more predictable, organizers of trainings and events can begin to make informed assumptions as they prepare to conduct personal training again.

As the entire economy is virtually suspended, restarting it is likely to lead to capacity constraints in many areas that are key to personal learning, such as hotels, flights, facilitators, conference facilities and other areas with limited capacity, especially in the field. premium and brands. Training professionals need to start thinking about these constraints and their implications for training in the second half of 2021.

Back to the starting blocks

As a training organization, the U.S. Army uses four stages of the operational process: planning, training, execution, and evaluation. Most corporations have similar cyclical cycles with multiple training programs in planning, preparation, and execution mode simultaneously. In previous years, corporations have naturally maintained a cycle of:

However, this year will probably be different. Many companies are now in the early stages, planning, waiting for the “starting gun” to work so they can start personal training again. This starting gun will work at different times for different companies depending on their location, planning process and business efficiency, but they have one thing in common: there may be severe power constraints as companies try to fill the second half of 2021 with two-year demand for training.

Splan planning

As soon as it is safe to resume corporate travel, companies will have more than a year of deferred demand to fill six months of hotels and conferences in the second half of 2021. After the worst 16-month period in the hospitality industry (March 2020 to June 2021) ), and as a result of bankruptcies and closures, the number of available conference rooms and guest rooms is likely to decrease.

Some hospitals may remain open with disabilities or services during the reorganization of their business plan, while others may need to close completely for a few years and go through bankruptcy proceedings in Section 13. Early planners will be able to book the desired locations for the best prices and high-quality services during premium dates, leaving suboptimal dates and locations for those organizations that cannot anticipate growing demand.

As a result, training and development (L&D) professionals may need to be more creative in developing their curricula for 2021. They may need to consider alternative locations, such as college campuses or suburban locations. Interactive learning options like experienced Outdoor activities may be more appealing to teams that haven’t seen each other in person for a while, while classroom training may be less in demand.

To exacerbate this problem, many locations may face increased demand for luxury personal travel in the second half of the year, when most of the annual corporate training takes place. The cessation of corporate travel occurred simultaneously with the cessation of the luxury personal travel market. The reopening of cruise ships, resorts and hotels will lead to further capacity constraints as both corporations and tourists compete for the same transport, locations and dates.


When will the companies go to the race? This is likely to vary by region and industry, among other factors. Hotels in Miami may be open to conferences first, while hotels in New York are not. Additional attention – when we achieve “herd immunity”. Dr Anthony Foci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has expressed differing views, saying we can achieve herd immunity if 60% up to more than 80% the American population receives the vaccine against COVID-19. Foci anticipates that the U.S. is likely to achieve herd immunity by the end of the second quarter of 2021. Indeed, board member Johnson & Johnson said CNBC that given the company’s new vaccine, as well as Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, by June there will be enough COVID vaccines for the entire adult U.S. population.

As herd immunity assumptions begin to help calm health and safety concerns, planning teams can begin to prepare for events in person within reasonable limits. Whether your organization is planning events with clients, internal strategic meetings, team building activities, leadership development or even post-action reviews (AARs) to analyze the COVID pandemic, there will be many reasons to plan personal events during 2021.

Managers always have competing priorities. This year, a large level of resources and funds will be needed to resettle the offices. Companies that have benefited from reduced travel and spending in 2020 may not want a sharp increase in corporate travel in the second half of 2021. However, the number of executives who want to go again will be significant.

Initial strategic team meetings and corporate meetings in 2021 need to be effective as organizations re-assemble teams after a difficult personal and professional experience to reconnect and drive future business growth. Therefore, premium seats with services available for team building and recharging are likely to be most in demand. It will not be enough to meet at a hotel down the street for the first meeting together after COVID; many high-performance teams want the venue of this meeting to be spectacular, meaningful and symbolic. There’s a good chance that all the premium seats are selling out – and fast – as the US gets closer and closer to saying we’ve achieved herd immunity.

Organizations need to start planning activities now if they want to book their chosen seats, flights, corporate partners, faculty and travel arrangements in 2021. Some planners will be ahead of the curve, but some will find themselves at the starting line, even after the starter is triggered.

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