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Oxford Brookes will deliver more courses in Greece

Oxford Brookes to deliver more courses at Metropolitan College Greece

Oxford Brooks University will hold five more courses at the Metropolitan College Greece campuses in Athens and Thessaloniki.

International partnership between Oxford Brookes and Metropolitan College Greece began in 2019 with six undergraduate courses for undergraduate and graduate students such as Accounting, Related Health, Hospitality and Technology.

Five new courses for graduate students will be conducted in architecture, entrepreneurship, medical genetics, real estate investment and creative writing.

Expanding the partnership in response to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Dinos Arkumanis, Chairman of the Academic Council of Metropolitan College Greece, said: “Strengthening our partnership with Oxford Brooks University by providing Metropolitan College with five new postgraduate programs under the current strategic plan between the two institutions comes at a critical time when uncertainty and scale its impact on the world and national economy.

“Despite the prevailing challenging atmosphere, a significant number of young Greeks have already enrolled in the new Oxford Brookes programs, encouraging a very successful partnership last year, the outstanding reputation of Oxford Brooks University in Greece, and market relevance and variety of subjects. of new courses.

“Five postgraduate programs will provide incoming students with the knowledge and tools they need for a successful professional career in Greece or abroad, confirming Metropolitan College’s position as a leading provider of TNE education in Greece.”

Commenting on the development, Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice Chancellor of Oxford Brooks University, said: “These new courses meet the demand in Greece for skilled labor in areas such as construction, real estate and property, and promote access to Higher Education in Greece. For example, our courses in creative writing and genetics provide a unique opportunity to study these subjects in graduate school in Greece.

“At Oxford Brooks University, we are proud of our global worldview, and this is reflected in our strong partnerships with a number of international colleges and institutes. This partnership allows us to see the world as a connected place, helping us to solve the problems of the modern world together. I look forward to further growing our partnership with Metropolitan College. ”

Oxford Brooks remains “closely linked” to the Greek alumni community

So far, 1,000 students from Greece have completed the Oxford Brookes program on the Oxford University campus.

Professor Fitt said: “Whether students come to Oxford or choose to study in Greece with our partner Metropolitan College, they become part of our global community for life, and many remain closely connected after graduation through our Greek alumni group. We are very proud of all our graduates and their achievements. ”

Similarly, the school noted that Oxford Brooks University has partnered with teaching in more than 13 countries around the world. And the first students to study in partnership with Metropolitan College received the Oxford Brookes Masters Awards in October 2020.

Emaido Affia is a reporter from Nigeria’s Global Education Times that covers stories from North America, Middle America and Africa for publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and also a lifestyle blogger in her spare time.

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