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Paralysis by analysis – Do what needs to be done


Paralysis by analysis – Do what needs to be done

I wanted to share Phil Lee’s very personal story because I thought it was very moving and because it serves as a reminder of the powerful impact our words can have on others. Phil is my adopted brother; he first joined the family when he and my brother robert came home from school together and he has been part of our family ever since.

It is very touching for me because the tale he tells is about my father.

Few words – Phil Lee

I thought I’d send you a little muse…

Ever heard the expression paralysis by analysis? how about analysis paralysis.. in other words what is stopping people from doing what they should do – should do or nice to do?

Many reasons…

Years ago…

In a galaxy far, far away called “The Place of Archery” in the tropics of West Yorkshire (UK)

A young Jedi warrior named Phil Lee asked the father-like Yoda (Jeff) a question related to personal development and taking a full-time continuing education course on soft skills… At the time, I was unemployed after leaving the military in a very at a disadvantage in civilian experience and recognized qualifications… I could train someone to spot a target at 800 meters to help them blend in and disappear with effective camouflage and camouflage or inspire a group to run through mountains, but the real job?? not a prayer…it felt like it and I felt like I needed to retrain.

The Yoda-esc response was impressive, life changing and definitely thought provoking….

“Just get a job” were his precious words that changed lives and influenced…

That’s it!

Insufficient? I thought so…let me explain why I rated them so highly.

Some of us, for many reasons, seek answers to life’s problems, to “things” that may seem nebulous…others, like my stepfather, understand what’s important and won’t be silent, won’t hide, won’t twist words for some hidden reason – no, my gruff yorkshire stepfather just gave me an answer i wasn’t expecting and thus interrupted MY PATTERN.. my pattern for over analyzing, for paralyzing action… I looked EVERYTHING for deeper answers/reasons/everything , that I could find…

My stepfather gave a short answer… “Find a job.”

I got the job, but I also decided to search and get answers in the process.

We can often “hear” the answers to the questions we ask, but do we really “understand” what is behind those words? intention? depth? real learning.

As a coach, I often work with people who have read all the “self-improvement books,” taken courses, and have millions of saved websites in their life-improvement toolbox…but have they “got the job done?” or do they paralyze themselves with analysis, avoiding…?

Or.. as I like to say…

“Doing what MUST be done”

There are obvious pros and cons to learning soft skills full-time in college instead of getting a full-time job, but my stepfather knew the real issue here, which for me was not to take on the hassle of giving up. related to getting a job, (my self-esteem was low and I had a lot of unsatisfied deeper issues)

Self-esteem issues in work and getting paid are often hidden and rarely mentioned, but I know one truth: to work is to be valued and, regardless of salary, provides some kind of platform to stand on – I did, I started out as self-employed sales agent, progressed to marketing assistant, then branch and regional manager, and now running my own business consultancy, while gaining the very skills I craved – 3 diplomas, service sector management degree, Diploma Marketer status, recognized teaching qualification and many NLP and other “self-development” courses…

I faced my demons, I did what HAD to be done….

I know that if these words of wisdom had not been directed at me at such a critical time in my life, I might have taken the easy way out and missed one of the most important aspects of building respect – working with and through other people, which measured by performance.

I listened to my stepfather, understood what he was saying, and I then

He did what “had to be done”.

Phil Lee


Towards the end of his life, Geoff struggled with 1:1 communication due to a major stroke – however I always saw and thought of him as a brilliant, wise and sincere man of immense integrity who always gave impactful life-directing advice at the same time instilling faith… one of my great mentors and someone I will always be grateful to.

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