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ParentSquare announces members of the Advisory Board for 2022-23

ParentSquare announces members of the Advisory Board for 2022-23

SANTA BARBARA, CALIPH. May 6, 2022ParentSquare Inc.developer of the premier unified school-home interaction platform for K-12, today announced members 2022-23. ParentSquare Advisory Board. The members of the Advisory Board help to inform about the company’s plans on the ParentSquare platform and serve as a peer forum to discuss best practices and current issues in school communication and interaction with the family.

The ParentSquare Advisory Board is an invitation-only group consisting of K-12 communication, technology and administrative leaders who use ParentSquare. New and returning members include:

  • Abby Broyles, Public Information Officer, United Grove School District, California
  • Brian C. Burke, Executive Director for Communications, Community and Strategic Planning of Bristol Public Schools (Concordat)
  • Dr. Jeffrey K. Butts, Head of the Wayne Metropolitan School District (Ind.)
  • Caroline Chapman, Director of Communications and Counseling, School District, Canandaigua, New York
  • Stacy Conrad, Executive Director of Communications for the Grove Community School Corporation Center (Ind.)
  • Chris Hagel, Executive Director of Digital Learning for the Peninsula County School (Washington)
  • Stephen Langford, Chief Information Officer, Beaverton County, Order
  • Marcy McFadden, Head of Communications and Liaison, United School District, Monterey Peninsula, California
  • Emily Mehia, Deputy Director for Student Data, Achievement First (New York)
  • Susan Moore, Director of Technology, Meriden Public Schools (Concordat)
  • Brad Ort, Executive Director of District Data Management, Business Information Systems and Data Reporting, Cherokee County School, Georgia
  • Michael O’Shaughnessy, Curriculum Manager, Montgomery County Educational Services Center, Ohio
  • Rod Rousseau, Director of Technology and Information Services, Public District High School 99 (Fig.)
  • Kelly Urara, Director of Technology, Copiago School District (New York)

“ParentSquare has a long history of listening to and incorporating feedback from our school district partners,” said Dr. Chad A. Stevens, ParentSquare’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Members of our advisory board are leaders who shape the future of home-school communication. Their experience plays an important role in guiding our product development roadmap to meet key needs and priorities and improve communication in K-12 areas across the country. ”

The ParentSquare Advisory Board was formed and began meeting in the summer of 2020. It is headed by Stevens, who is a former director of technology. Board members for 2022-2023 will meet quarterly online and once a year in person.

About ParentSquare

Millions of educators and families in 45 states are counting on ParentSquare for the only effective communication in the school. ParentSquare provides tools to engage with parents working from the district office to the individual classroom, supported by powerful indicators and reporting. The ParentSquare technology platform has extensive integration with student information and other important administrative systems, translation into more than 100 languages, and access to applications, email, text, voice, and a web portal for peer-to-peer communication. ParentSquare (http: //www.parentsquare.com), founded in 2011, is located in Santa Barbara, California.

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