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Partner of Riverside Insights and Educator Impact to improve student well-being and enrich school culture

Partner of Riverside Insights and Educator Impact to improve student well-being and enrich school culture

ITASCA, Illinois – May 6, 2022 – Riverside Insights®, a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, today announced a new partnership with Educator Impact, the international Australian company Ed Tech that enriches school culture through “heart rate tests” for the well-being of students and staff. The Pulse product from Educator Impact on its easy-to-use platform provides key help that helps education leaders regularly assess the well-being of students and staff, inform SEL strategies and school wellness programs, and improve overall health at school.

Unlike other welfare monitoring tools, ei Pulse quickly collects and amplifies the voices of students and teachers and provides teachers with direct feedback to help personalize connections, shape the classroom climate and strengthen school communities.

“Riverside Insights’ partnership with Educator Impact further illustrates our commitment to supporting all children and their “endless learning,” giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential, ”said Riverside Insights CEO Rajib Roy. “We know that students learn better when they feel safe, supported and loved. These contextual data on student well-being combined with indicators of student ability and achievement give teachers the opportunity to 360-degree survey of students so that they can cater to the needs of their class. Riverside Insights will now be able to support faculty with a more complete set of ideas to accelerate student learning. ”

Through this agreement, schools that license the ei Pulse platform can create a secure channel for students and staff to voice their needs. ei Pulse asks students six research-based questions, starting with “How are you feeling today?”, which allows teachers to quickly take pictures of students ’well-being and participation. Each “impulse check” takes less than 60 seconds, but provides real-time data that allows school principals and teachers to honestly understand how students feel.

As schools continue to face staff retention challenges, ei Pulse offers an anonymous channel for teachers to provide sincere feedback that helps administrators support their staff and work together to shape a culture of healthy learning. Of particular importance this tool is now as about 40% of those working in K-12 education have thought about changing jobs due to anxiety, stress, depression and burnout as a result of the pandemic, the National Education Association said.

With the addition of ei Pulse, Riverside Insights now offers a holistic set of tools to help educators understand the full picture of each student with an understanding of the student’s potential, performance, progress, and overall well-being. Riverside’s best performance indicator, (CogAT®), combined with its specialized math and reading performance assessments (IowaFlex, Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) and Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test® (GMRT)), as well as its rapid tools to support progress monitoring and intervention (easyCBM and ESGI) an assessment portfolio that can unleash the potential of each student through seamless learning.

“We welcome Riverside Insights for integrating the ability to quickly and regularly check each student in a way that provides maximum comfort, privacy and security for the child,” said Nabil Shahin, CEO of Educator Impact. “We are confident that adding the Educator Impact platform to Riverside’s portfolio of assessment tools and ideas will give educators a better understanding of each child – for the first time of its kind at Ed Tech.”

About Educator Impact

Educator Impact is an international Australian business that helps schools improve their culture and student performance by combining well-being, performance and participation. They have worked with hundreds of trusted educational institutions around the world. for more information visit www.educatorimpact.com/use/student-pulse/.

About Riverside Insights

Riverside Insights, one of the leading and oldest developers of assessment-based research, is driven by a powerful mission: to provide insights that help build capacity and enrich the lives of students, clinical patients, staff and organizations around the world. For more information, visit www.riversideinsights.com.

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