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Pivot Interactives Announces New Iris Technology ™ to Increase Student Learning Activity Based on Phenomena

Pivot Interactives Announces New Iris Technology ™ to Increase Student Learning Activity Based on Phenomena

(May 12, 2022) – Pivot Interactives introduces a new set of Iris ™ tools that make the study of critical scientific concepts such as heat transfer, Ber’s law, light radiation, population density, temperature (infrared and black body), pH and wavelength available to students regardless of classroom equipment or experience teaching. With this new patented collection of tools for measuring color and light, students can now self-measure color and light directly from the information encoded in the video in a web browser.

“Carrying out measurements using light is a fundamental practice of science. From optical measurements made by microbiologists to light collected by powerful telescopes, light-based and color-based measurements are at the heart of science at every scale, ”said Peter Bogacek, CEO and founder of Pivot Interactives. “But measurements based on light and color are usually not available in the classroom, limited to expensive and sophisticated equipment. Pivot Interactives enables measurements based on light and color at students ’fingertips. As a leader in the use of interactive videos for science education, we are excited to be the first to make light and color-based measurement capabilities available to all classrooms. ”

Iris technology solves three major challenges facing science classes:

● Availability of equipment, time and experience to analyze scientific data such as quantitative measurements of color and light.

● Use real-world phenomena to identify problems, develop models, plan investigations, analyze data, and interpret and convey information as shown in NGSS.

● Involve students in phenomena and research practices throughout the learning cycle, from introduction to assessment.

Seris Kautron, Chair of Georgetown High School in Georgetown, Massachusetts, commented on the new Iris toolkit from Pivot Interactives: “As Chair of Science, I see that Iris is valuable for all science subjects and grade levels. At the class level, students can use the same phenomena to continually build on knowledge and skills. I am excited to use it in our area to enable teachers to use more phenomena and research practices in content areas and parts of the curriculum where they were previously limited by time or equipment. ”

Teachers can access Iris tools through the Pivot Interactives license, which integrates with several learning management systems including Canvas, Blackboard Learn and D2L Brightspace. Pivot Interactives has received IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI) ® certification and the IMS TrustEd privacy application. Educators can find a teacher and district prices here. They can try a lesson on the new Iris technology for free here and browse the growing library of activities with here is the new Iris technology.

About Pivot Interactives
Pivot Interactives, Inc.. creates and develops dynamic tools to actively engage students in the study of scientific phenomena, while developing their skills in scientific practice. Peter Bogacek, Pivot CEO and physics teacher, and Matthew Wonk, Pivot chief researcher and professor of physics, founded Pivot Interactives, developing a library of interactive video activities funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The co-founders began working in 2012 with their students to develop videos of direct measurements that allow teachers and students to break out of classroom constraints. Teachers around the world now use Pivot Interactives to attract more than 1 million students to phenomena and research practices. Pivot Interactives, an award-winning platform, continues to innovate to revolutionize science education because science can change lives.

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