Yesterday, 23etc. In June, members of the Bolton Board gave permission to plan updated plans for the Bolton College of Medical Sciences (BCMS), meaning construction work could begin on a building located at the Royal Bolton Hospital in Farnworth.

The BCMS – a professional and vocational skills and training institution – is set to open in 2024 and is expected to change the training of NHS staff in the UK, ease pressure on healthcare staff in Greater Manchester and provide an improved level of assistance to the local community.

The decision of the Planning Committee to grant BCMS permission after filing an application for planning with amendments to the Bolton Council in March 2022. The revised plan proposed to replace the multi-storey car park included in the original project – which was approved by the committee’s layout in June 2019 – with surface parking. In addition, the amended application did not propose any other changes to the pre-approved plans.

Today’s decision means that both the BCMS and the wider Royal Bolton Hospital facility will benefit not only from a state-of-the-art training facility consisting of a training and learning space, cafes, staff and service, but also from increased parking provision, with additional 250 parking spaces created on top of the existing parking lot on the hospital grounds.

Additional parking will be provided from the outset and at every stage of development, including to service the premises that move when construction begins on the BCMS – which is being built on the site of the existing ground parking at the Royal Bolton Hospital campus.

BCMS is a joint project between the University of Bolton, Bolton College, the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Fund and the Bolton Council and is considered the first development of its kind in the UK. This will give people a direct path to employment in health and social services, and provide unrivaled opportunities to train new and existing staff by focusing on training based on practical skills in a lively hospital setting.

During his lifetime, he will contribute £ 150 million to the local economy and create up to 20,000 new jobs and training.

Construction work on the BCMS is scheduled to begin in July 2022, and the first enrollment of students will begin in September 2024.

BCMS project director and managing director of strategic consulting company Just Ask Scarlett Mark O’Reilly comments on the results of the planning decision:

“Yesterday’s result is a major victory for the Bolton community as it opens up the construction of a facility that will bring countless health and professional benefits to the area, including better employment prospects, opportunities to improve the skills of existing health professionals and a total increase of £ 150 million to the local economy.

“Its impact will be felt outside our city as well – we expect BCMS to become a plan for other NHS trusts across the country and change the ways NHS staff is recruited and trained across the country. Bolton will show an example of how the UK can address the NHS staffing crisis and attract more people to healthcare professions.

“We thank all the parties who supported us in achieving this result, especially our colleagues at Bolton Hospital, Bolton Council, Wilmat Dixon, Box Clever and Edgeplan, and hope that all our efforts will focus on construction.”

Professor George Holmes DL, president and vice chancellor of the University of Bolton, says:

“This is groundbreaking news for Bolton and we are delighted that this ambitious and exciting plan has been approved.

“This professional and professional skills and educational institution will change the training of NHS and social services staff in the UK, creating a new generation of health and social care professionals at a time when they were never needed again.

“After opening next year, it will give people a direct path to employment in health and social services, and will provide unmatched training opportunities for existing hospital staff for further training and further careers.

“This is a historic moment for our city and university, making the first in a series of steps towards a full medical school.”

Annette Walker, Chief Financial Officer of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, adds:

“We are very excited that permission for planning has been given and that our collective goal of relocating this new college to Bolton can become a reality.

“Bolton College of Medicine will help us develop existing staff and provide new routes for those who want a future in healthcare to expand their skills. This is a really exciting project for us both for the organization and for the whole city. “

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