Home Education Popular e-books and audiobooks make students read all summer

Popular e-books and audiobooks make students read all summer

Popular e-books and audiobooks make students read all summer

CLEVELAND – May 6, 2022 As schools seek new innovative strategies to expand reading and learning, teachers are using digital tools in the classroom and beyond. In response, OverDrive Education offers the widest Sora Sweet Reads The summer reading program is still, from May 4 to August 17. For the ninth year, this free program is designed to help educators and students overcome the “summer slide” with popular digital reading materials through the award-winning Sora Student Reading Program. Currently, more than 53,000 schools around the world are participating in the program.

Sora Sweet Reads provides free access to a variety of popular digital books over the next 100+ days to encourage students to read for the rest of the school year and summer vacation. From May 4 to August 17, students from participating schools around the world can enjoy free 24-hour access through the Sora reading app to up to 50 e-books, audiobooks and reading books for minors and young adults from their school, which is the largest number when- either offered as part of the program. . The titles of Sora Sweet Reads are provided by 21 publishers and are divided into sections of primary, secondary and secondary school. Ebook titles include 10 blind dates, Sal and Gabi smash the universe, the Heart of Iron and the Ark Angel. Audiobook titles include Flanners and Change the game. See full list.

“When our students started using Sora last spring, they were happy to check out the e-books, and we wondered if it would carry over the excitement to the summer months,” said Alexandra Brown, an educational technology specialist at the National Heritage Academy in Michigan. “When we participated in Sora Sweet Reads, our students were so enthusiastic about the choice of books that our box office exceeded all our expectations. Sora Sweet Reads gave our students access to “always available” books, ensuring there was no waiting list and students could read a favorite at the same time as their friends ”.

Educators and students can also use the valuable elementary, average and high school resources for Sora Sweet Reads titles from TeachingBooks.net, the leading site for K-12 reading resources. In 2021, OverDrive acquired TeachingBooks, which presents lessons, guides and activities.

If your school offers access to Sora, find your digital collection at https://soraapp.com. If not, schools can register until June 17 to access the Sora Sweet Reads collection, as well as a wide range of other free books.

Since its inception in 2014, Sora Sweet Reads has proven to be a very successful global program in encouraging students to read. Nearly 45,000 schools participated in the 2021 program, which is 59 percent more than in the 2020 program. Student enrollment reached a record high of one million (+92 percent per year), and the number of students who read at least one of the program titles doubled compared to the previous year.

Most importantly, Sora provided constant access to additional reading materials from the school’s digital collection. During the 2021 program, students read more than six million titles from their school’s collection outside of Sora Sweet Reads digital books.

Students at schools that use Sora can download the program for free from any app store or use it in web browsers at https://soraapp.com. Students can then borrow from the school’s digital collection and read on all major e-readers, computers, tablets and smartphones with a valid student ID.

For more information on the Sora Sweet Reads program, visit the website https://resources.overdrive.com/sora-sweet-reads/.

Educators can learn more about how Sora provides each student with access to the right books https://discoversora.com.

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OverDrive Education, a division of OverDrive, offers the industry’s largest catalog of e-books, audiobooks, digital journals and other content for more than 53,000 K-12 schools and millions of students worldwide. Company for reading students, Sora, provides each student with access to the right books. By supporting the need to read the necessary curriculum titles, class sets, and the enjoyment of reading digital books, Sora’s powerful learning tools and ideas help meet the needs of students and faculty. One of them was named Sora TIMEThe best inventions of 2019. Acquired in 2021, TeachingBooks.net complements Sora with one of the largest catalogs of original and hand-picked literary resources. Founded in 1986, OverDrive, a leading digital reading platform for libraries, and OverDrive Education are based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. www.overdrive.com/schools

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