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Popular retail in Denver is Kentwood Real Estate


It can be hard to find quality shopping in big cities; there are so many different types of retail stores that are available in every block. Denver has a variety of places to shop depending on your preferences. Check out these Denver-area retail stores and malls to find what you need.

16th Street Mall and Denver Pavilions
The 16th Street Mall in Denver is one of the most famous and popular malls. Its amenities stretch over a mile in length so that everyone can walk freely between shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Everything you want, from shoes to luxury clothing, you will be able to find here. This is the perfect place if you want to enjoy some fresh air while shopping for your favorite things!

The Denver Pavilions are a must-see when you visit, and you definitely can’t miss it; the top of the building reads “DENVER” in large letters. As the #1 place to visit and shop, it is home to a large number of shops and restaurants. It even has a newly renovated movie theater with a bar and reclining seats. This mall can also be found at the 16th Street Mall.

I heart Denver
If you are someone who likes little things to bring home, then this is the perfect store for you. Located along the 16th Street Mall, I Heart Denver is a typical gift shop. It not only sells Colorado t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel, but also unique items such as artwork by local artists, jewelry, coffee mugs, games, key chains and other small trinkets and trinkets.

Cherry Creek Mall
Cherry Creek Mall is similar to the 16th Street Mall with most of the same amenities, located just south of Denver in the Cherry Creek area. That way, people who live in the area don’t have to travel to downtown Denver. This shopping area includes many stylish boutiques and more than 40 retail stores, from Louis Vuitton to casual stores like Nordstrom. This area is family friendly and any age can find something they are looking for. Cherry Creek Mall is also unique compared to other areas because it has both indoor and outdoor shopping.

South Broadway
Shopping on South Broadway is a unique experience. This is the perfect area if you want to explore something outside the norm. The shops that cover this area are mostly antique and vintage stores.

The Ten Penny Store.
If you’re looking for cool vintage clothing and accessories, Ten Penny Store is definitely a place you’ll want to visit before you leave. Located at 250 N Broadway, you can find vintage items dating back to the 1900s. This store has been highly rated by other travelers passing through Denver. You won’t find a place like this anywhere else.

Whether you want traditional shopping, outdoor shopping, or a unique shopping experience, Denver has it all. This list has been compiled to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and accessible for those new to town or those looking for a little help getting started.

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