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When Udayakumar management coach Udai Gapalakrishnan talks to HR executives who want him to teach their people, he gives them a strange disclaimer: “At the end of the program, some people may just leave the company.” After all, you can’t spend a two-day session to unravel your passion and unlock your dreams and not risk losing people.

One would think that most HR managers run up hills when they hear a coach say that, but in the case of Uday, the opposite was true: “They take it surprisingly well,” he says with a smile, “in fact, most of them were with me. from the very first time I did this “Inspire Passion” program. Now we are launching it for the ninth time, ”the XLRI graduate proudly adds.

It is this layer of confidence and core passion (obviously!) That has added brilliance to Uday’s debut book, the colossal 326-page “What It Takes to Be a Leader with Passion,” which is steadily rising in the Amazon business literature charts. “I have combined all my many years of experience, thoughts and professional advice into 33 chapters to help you unleash your true passion,” he tells us.

To improve corporate life, will we dare? “Oh, not at all,” he laughs, “sometimes people want to be singers in bathrooms, sometimes they want to try their hand at art.” It can be anything. The trick is to find something that will unlock your dream, make you feel in the zone, and use that positive to liven up your professional life, ”he explains of the unique program by asking it for middle-aged and older people. leadership to reconsider your life.

Ask it, discover the passion
When am I in the best condition?
What do I like about myself?
Why do I do what I do?

Unlike most of the first authors, procrastination was never a problem for him. “About a year ago, I announced during the 2015 curriculum that I would release my book on October 15, 2016,” he explains. Brave words. Especially since at the time he only had a prologue and an epilogue and nothing else in between, he jokingly shows.

This date will coincide with the 23rd anniversary of the founding of its CORE MIND company and the training of 27,000 corporations. So it was a term that was out of the question. So when prompted, he took a two-month vacation, locked himself in a room in Bangalore and wrote up to three or four chapters a day. It worked, and its publishers sighed with relief.

With a book and many of his “interns” eager to promote their work as programmers, Uday says his next big challenge is to find a way to really reach out to young people in corporate organizations: “It will take some time because they are a little restless and they change my mind all the time, but one thing I think really works is to insist that everyone hand in their phones throughout my program, ”he says grimly,“ so they can either talk to me or there are other people. “
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