Home Education PowerMyLearning Rewards Student, Family and Teacher at 2022 Innovative Learning Awards

PowerMyLearning Rewards Student, Family and Teacher at 2022 Innovative Learning Awards

PowerMyLearning Rewards Student, Family and Teacher at 2022 Innovative Learning Awards

NEW YORK (PRWEB) May 16, 2022 – PowerMyLearningK-12, a non-profit organization that offers opportunities for collaboration between families, teachers and students, is recognized Brooklyn Elementary School for exemplary resilience during a pandemic. On Tuesday, May 10, at the Innovative Learning Awards, the student-family-teacher trio was awarded the Triangle Award for demonstrating how teachers and families play an important role in academic success. and student welfare.

“Today’s students are facing an unprecedented trauma from a pandemic that leads to a critical need to double students’ well-being. The Brooklyn Landmark Elementary school community understands that a strong support system includes both teachers and parents, ”said Elizabeth Stoke, CEO and co-founder of PowerMyLearning. “That’s why PowerMyLearning each year gives the Triangle Award to an outstanding student, educator and teacher.”

Winners of the Triangle Award from Brooklyn Landmark Elementary:

  • Jahid, Student of the Year
  • Kerian Henry, Father of the Year
  • Nusrat Sikder Ali, Teacher of the Year

“I am proud of Jahid, Keryan and Mrs. Sicker for their leadership in bridging the gap between school and home,” said Joyce Beckles-Knights, principal of the Brooklyn Elementary School Landmark. “With the support of PowerMyLearning, our school community has brought together our academics, teachers and families to bring learning from school to home.”

PowerMyLearning is a national nonprofit K-12 with a track record accelerate student learning by four months and improve student outcomes by 15 percent. PowerMyLearning delivers these results by building the capacity of teachers and families to better support student learning and unite with each other in this effort – what the organization calls a “triangle”.

“Thanks to PowerMyLearning, I’ve learned small but effective ways to improve my instructions. For example, implementing “reflection time” for my students to reflect and master what they have learned, and adding classical music to facilitate reflection have supported the learning and well-being of my students, ”said Nusrat Sicker-Ali, Brooklyn Landmark Elementary and Triangle teacher Winner of the “Teacher of the Year” award. “I look forward to further interaction between students and parents through a triangular approach so that together we can achieve more.”

To learn more about PowerMyLearning and support its mission, visit https://powermylearning.org/.

About PowerMyLearning
PowerMyLearning is a national non-profit organization K-12 that opens up opportunities for collaboration between families, faculty, and students. The organization serves nearly 45,000 students in more than 15 school districts across the country. Through the Learning Triangle, PowerMyLearning works with school districts to promote equity in education, improve student social and emotional learning, and accelerate student learning. To learn more, visit http://www.PowerMyLearning.org.

About Brooklyn Landmark Elementary
At Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, scholars have the right to choose how they study, and to have a voice in what they learn. The school provides innovative, individualized instruction that appeals to scholars ’unique learning styles, cultivates independent thinking, promotes character formation, and enables students to contribute their ideas locally and globally. The Brooklyn Landmark experience guides scholars as they develop a sense of identity and purpose in this world. The school is dedicated to all-round developing citizens who will make decisions in tomorrow’s society. Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School scientists inspire the greatness of others, let their voices be heard around the world and create change through their actions and efforts. By giving its scholars a choice in how they learn and a voice in what they learn, the school builds the foundation of the critical thinkers needed in the best colleges and workplaces of the 21st century.

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