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PowerSchool will launch Connected Intelligence, the first fully managed data-as-a-service platform for K-12 schools


FOLSOM, CA – PowerSchool (NYSE: PWSC), North America’s leading provider of cloud-based K-12 education software, today announced the launch of Connected Intelligence by PowerSchool®. Partnership with Snowflake through Runs on Snowflake PowerSchool’s Connected Intelligence program is the first fully managed Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform focused on K-12 education. It provides school districts and educational institutions with a single, global, fully managed and secure platform. With PowerSchool’s Connected Intelligence, school districts retain sole ownership of data and have the ability to collaborate effectively and securely with internal stakeholders and external partners.

By consolidating all data into one comprehensive platform, disaggregated by school district, with strict data security and management controls built in, educators and school district or state leaders can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Increase equal opportunities for all students. Linking data from early childhood to adulthood can help improve a wide range of initiatives to support student outcomes, and can even be used as part of post-secondary support and workforce development.
  • Spend fewer resources managing data access and storage. Instead, educators can spend their time actually using the data thanks to machine learning and analytics that generate alerts when a student shows warning signs (such as an increased chance of not graduating on time).
  • Store your education data securely and in one place. Accessing all data in one place provides educators and stakeholders with key insights to improve student outcomes.
  • Extend access to all data, including historical, current, future and any third-party data sources. This includes data on workforce development and workforce resources, as well as secure interagency data sharing and collaboration, such as with juvenile justice, foster care, and other social service agencies, with the goal of preparing all students for success throughout of life, and their communities – positive social and economic futures.

“PowerSchool’s Connected Intelligence empowers state departments of education and school systems to transform the economic and social outlook of their communities by unifying all their data and giving them unprecedented ease of access, unprecedented productivity and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is securely protected ,” said Shivani Stumpf, Group Vice President of New Solutions at PowerSchool. “This innovative end-to-end data ecosystem we designed and built on top of Data Cloud Snowflake aims to help education leaders use data more effectively and efficiently with greater agility and inform their investments so they can focus on what the most important thing is improving student outcomes and preparing all students for success.”

PowerSchool’s Connected Intelligence will also help school districts and educational institutions realize the important goals of delivering personalized learning, meeting each student where they are, and providing context-relevant information that enables education leaders to take immediate action. For example, based on unified data available in Connected Intelligence from PowerSchool, an educator can more clearly make curriculum recommendations that will support more individualized learning for each student.

“From being able to unify access to our data for research and ad hoc analysis to leveraging predictive insights to prepare our students for the workforce, Connected Intelligence will revolutionize how we use data for critical initiatives to drive our students’ success. ” said Hugh Gurgen, president of Challenger Schools.

“With Snowflake and PowerSchool’s partnership, educators gain a powerful combination of capabilities that further interoperability of data both internally within school districts and externally with third-party agencies, ensuring consistent security and governance,” said Jeff Fraser, Head of Global Public Sector, Snowflake. “With Powered by Snowflake, PowerSchool has not only expanded Unified Insights, but also introduced new products like Connected Intelligence that enable school districts and education agencies to mobilize data to improve student outcomes.”

For more information on Connected Intelligence from PowerSchool, please visit https://www.powerschool.com/connected-intelligence-by-powerschool/

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