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Presumed plagiarism in Duke Stendent’s introductory speech

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Duke University is investigating whether student speech earlier Sunday plagiarized student speech early Harvard University in 2014, The News & Observer reported.

“We are aware of and concerned about these allegations and have initiated a process to understand the facts of the situation,” said Michael Schönfeld, vice president of public relations and public relations. “Duke University expects all students to fulfill their obligations to Duke community standards in everything they do as students.”

The speaker of the senior classes was Priya Parkash. She issued a statement through a public relations spokeswoman News and columnist: “When I was asked to give an introductory speech, I was delighted with such an honor, and I asked for advice from esteemed friends and family on topics that could be touched upon. I was embarrassed and embarrassed too late to learn that some of the suggested passages were taken from a recent introductory speech at another university. I take full responsibility for this oversight and regret if this incident in any way distracted attention from the achievements of the Duke class in 2022. ”

He was the first to report problems with the speech Ducal ChronicleParkas’s former news editor. Ducal Chronicle compared numerous excerpts from Parkas ’speech to Sarah Abushar’s speech at Harvard.

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