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Priti Patel praises graduate journey as UK government plans new caps


Speaking at a parliamentary reception, Priti Patel, who led the Home Office from 2019 to 2022 under Boris Johnson, said her work with the students had been a “privilege” and a “real honour”, including giving back two years of work after her studies. visa for foreign graduates.

“We also have Boris Johnson to thank as prime minister for that,” Patel said. “He was a big fan of moving this forward, as was I.”

In accordance with The Times newspaper., Braverman proposed reducing the time international students can stay and work in the UK after graduation from two years to six months. The newspaper reports that the Department for Education has opposed the plan because it would make the UK less attractive to international students.

In a statement responding to the reports, Jamie Arrowsmith, UK’s director of international universities, warned the government against introducing “policies that cause lasting damage to the UK’s global reputation and competitiveness, as well as the country’s local economy”.

“We urge the government not to change course”

“For many years, the visa and immigration environment has meant that the level of international recruitment to the UK has stagnated, while other countries have seen huge growth,” Arrowsmith said, adding that the graduate course was set up to remedy this situation.

“We strongly urge the government not to change course,” he said. “A repeat of the boom and bust of international hiring would be a big mistake.”

Patel made remarks on a National Union of Indian Students and Graduates of Great Britain event in London which celebrated 75 “exceptional” Indian students who have studied at British institutions. The MP has pledged to do more to support Indian students to come to the UK.

“During that period, I was responsible for ensuring that we did absolutely everything we could, and believe me, we will continue to do so, to ensure more Indian students come to the UK to study at our fantastic institutions,” she said.

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