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QB Tramp Broncos keeps football at the top of its busy to-do list


ENGLAND, Caloria (AP) – Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett admits he was initially worried when he saw Russell Wilson throw …

ENGLEWOOD, Calaria (AP) – Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett admits he was initially worried when he saw Russell Wilson leave, it would seem, every weekend in one region after another.

A new team defender has appeared on the red carpet in Times Square at the SI Swimsuit swimsuit, and his wife / singer / model Ciara is on the cover. There they are on the annual Easter egg hunt at the White House. Or take part in the Cannes Film Festival one day on their French holidays and the Monaco Grand Prix in another.

Last weekend, Wilson made a speech when joining Dartmouth College, and after the team’s mandatory mini-camp is over this week, he will perform at the Colorado Avalanche in the Stanley Cup final against Tampa Bay Lightning at the Ball Arena.

“It’s funny. I think when it starts, you’ll say, “Wow! Will you be able to pick it all up? Will we be able to own the crime the way we want? “Hackett said Monday after the team’s first day of mandatory mini-camp.” But he does such a great job surrounding himself with wonderful people who help him so he can do everything it still focused only on football. “

Now Hackett is actually amazed at Wilson’s ability to lead the global without missing a single hit when it comes to the crime set by the Broncos.

“I mean, he works non-stop,” Hackett said. “When he’s on a plane, he’s watching a movie, he’s studying, he’s calling people, he’s calling me.

“And that’s what you appreciate. So you know what, all the pros. Everyone is doing different things. Some people are here and they may not work even as much as he does when he leaves. ”

Wilson said football does not suffer from his busy schedule because “football is the number one priority.”

“You do your best to spend the extra time to come earlier, leave late and do it all. One of the things I believe in is that you pour it all into yourself, and no matter where my feet are, I’m going to put into it everything I have, ”Wilson said.“ So if I’m here – even if I’m far from here – we talk to the coaches all the time. Players, we talk all the time. “

In addition, Wilson said he never treated it lightly.

“I’ve always been busy, you know? Everyone is always shocked at how busy I am. I say, “Do you think it’s busy? I took 18 credits each semester in college, I played two sports, played football and baseball, ”Wilson said.

Returning to campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, or Madison, Wisconsin, there were now some hectic times, Wilson insisted.

“In the morning I went to the football lifts, went to classes, then went to baseball, played until 11 o’clock at night. Then I did my homework, ”Wilson said. “It was busy. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. So be able to do happy things, you know, be able to perform in Dartmouth, obviously to support Siara, my wife, and then also do things with other guys, anything else, hang out, if we can, that means a lot.

“So, you know, I’ve always believed in that lifestyle,” Wilson said. “You know, you have to do your whole being and your thought process about winning, about success. And with that comes great, great opportunities. But big problems also come, and how do you deal with them? What do you think about that? ”


Wilson said he spent time with Walton-Pener’s new group of owners, and he praised minority shareholder Melody Hobson, the chairman of Starbucks, who agreed to join the group that won the bid for the $ 4.65 billion team.

Black Hobson is married to Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Hackett is a well-known supporter of Star Wars.

“Very excited about Starbucks and Star Wars,” Hackett said. And Walmart.


The practice ended with several shots ahead of schedule when third-year student Tyree Cleveland suffered a serious right knee injury while trying to catch a pass on landing.

Cleveland’s right thorn got stuck in the grass during the game, and the team’s medical team inspected his right knee and shin before putting him in a wheelchair and carrying him inside. As he sat on the cart, his teammates patted him on the back.


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