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Qualification of basic digital skills for adults – FE News


Waltham Forest College enables adults to possess the IT skills necessary for further career development.

The digital divide has left many of us on our hind legs, competing for work in a world where technology has shaped the way we work, shop, access financial products, learn and even interact with others. There is no doubt that computers affect almost every aspect of life by providing the tools and devices that make modern life possible, and yet if you are not aware of the latest technology, you risk being left behind.

This gap between those who have the most modern and the best, and those who do not, arose for several reasons. Because of a lack of finances, a lack of skills and confidence, or even because of the incentive to use technology, this is an important skill that is not used by millions of people.

Many of the challenges posed by this digital divide became apparent in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when many people were unable to fully engage in day-to-day activities such as accessing online education, shopping online, and interacting with healthcare workers using remote technologies.

The inability to pay for or use digital technologies effectively can complicate the full participation of adults in a society that is becoming increasingly digital-oriented. Lack of these skills can not only reduce employment opportunities, but can also become an obstacle in daily life, making financial, medical and routine decisions more difficult than they need to be.

So what is the answer?

Harmony Kwawu, an IT teacher at Waltham Forest College, said:

“Today, computers affect almost every aspect of life. They provide tools and devices that make modern life possible, flexible and convenient.

“Waltham Forest College has been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 80 years, with our IT and digital technology department, part of the WorldSkills Center of Excellence, with a program for all ages and abilities.

“Allowing adults to possess the IT skills needed to further their careers is a key aspect of the college’s ideology, and what we strive for with each course.”

harmony of basic digital skills

Waltham Forest College now offers the Essential Digital Skills Qualification qualification, which helps adults develop competencies in several important areas, including:

  • Use of devices and information processing
  • Creation and editing
  • Communication
  • Transactions
  • Be safe and responsible online

Starting in September 2022 and lasting more than 12 weeks, adults who have successfully completed the course can move on to higher qualifications and develop new skills that will allow them to move up the ladder to more advanced roles. Waltham Forest College firmly believes that acquiring adults with excellent digital skills will not only improve their employment prospects, but they also believe it will also help people live a more fulfilling life in an increasingly digital world.

If you would like to attend a tasting course to learn more about how learning digital skills at Waltham Forest College can help you, you can contact the college at 0208 501 8501 or email [email protected] for advice and a quick interview.

Alternatively, you can also attend a future college Open event on Wednesday 8th June 2022, from 16.00 to 19.00. Register or log in daily.

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