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Quality of life with a focus on services for people with disabilities

Quality of life with a focus on services for people with disabilities

Topic about this episode is a podcast there is a book written by Julie Beadle-Brown and Ian Cone regarding the development, conceptualization and implementation of quality services to support people with disabilities. The book presents ways to integrate people with disabilities into society in different countries, as well as how they measure and provide high quality public services.

Julie Beadle-Brown is Professor of Intellectual Disability and Development at the Desert Center of the University of Kent in the UK. Jan Šiška is an associate professor at Charles University, the Faculty of Education in Prague, Czech Republic, and the University of West Virginia, and he is currently a full-time researcher at the University of Minnesota in the United States.

The book has been influenced by the work, research and actions of Jim Monzo, and so everyone, from politicians, service providers, to organizations such as Inclusion Europe, is free to read it. The book has two strong key elements: deinstitutionalization and the quality of services, which brought a conversation about the current situation for people with intellectual disabilities, in terms of community life and the quality of services.

Julie and Ian mentioned, “We wanted to emphasize that we need to include people.” How people with intellectual disabilities, and especially people with complex support needs, are viewed as part of institutionalization efforts and the role of self-defense is one of the important messages of the book.

On April 12, the authors presented some recommendations at an international forum based on a recent study by the European Association of Service Providers. Their report describes the situation in the European Union for the institutionalization of people, which is a very important part of EU policy.

Although there are new policies and systems, there is a lack of data on people living in the community, so we may have a better understanding of the situation and a lack of information for people with disabilities about life opportunities such as housing.

Only two things matter when it comes to the quality of individuals; peace and degree of their needs. People with disabilities need to contribute to society to start treating them as equal members of our society because we are not doing it and we need to change that.

So why have we not made progress in terms of deinstitutionalization? We still see people with intellectual disabilities as special and because they need something special and not the same as everyone else. We need to empower and support them. We need to be more practical in implementing services and supporting people during the deinstitutionalization process, given all that unites us as people.

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Quality of life and services for people with disabilities: in an interview with Julie Beadle-Brown and Jan Shyshko on the radio Inclusion Europe – Inclusion Europe (inclusion-europe.eu)

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