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Rage management, with love. — Daniel LaPorte


Right where you are

Each THEME page this is a highlight reel of my most in-depth and popular topics. If you want immediate relief or a night of introspection, dip into a TOPIC page.

Friendship centered on the heart it is an ongoing spiritual program of self-study. I don’t promise quick enlightenment, but esoteric practices + support system help many to find solace and build resilience. You are very welcome.

Heart-Centered Facilitator Program is under development. We’re building our Wish Map Affiliate Program (400+ leaders in 20+ countries!) If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re building together, visit our list of notifications.

Audio planted everywhere for you – like Easter eggs. Dozens, from 30-second prayers to long sermons, are updated regularly.

I create visualization + meditation with esoteric practice, drawing on a number of traditions. They speak spiritually: our sets are on fire. I want the world to meditate.

I write to love. I am writing here weekly, I have a daily email with micro information. If you want a monthly digest, we argue. I believe that this is my most relevant book.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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