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Read more about the dispute between the Sheriff of Georgia and the State of Delaware

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Liberty County Sheriff, Georgia, denied police racial profiling when they stopped a bus in the hands of female lacrosse players from the University of Delaware and searched their belongings.

Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman told an afternoon news conference: “This is part of our commercial bans on interstate highways.” Savannah Morning News reported. He also denied searching the items, despite video evidence.

Tony Allen, historically president of Black Delaware, responded with the following statement: “Sheriff Bowman insists that personal belongings were not held; the video clearly shows officers looking for toiletries and clothes and even cutting a family gift for graduation. Sheriff Bowman said officers were unaware of the nature of the bus passengers; the audio clearly demonstrates that the officers were also aware that it was a bus with “schoolgirls” and that they did not expect to find anything other than marijuana, which the officer who boarded the bus said they were not looking for. It has become much clearer that this incident needs to be investigated by objective external bodies. We continue to move forward towards this goal. “

Allen also published a letter from Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings to the U.S. Department of Justice requesting an investigation. “Based on the facts available to me – including several discussions with those who touched on the University of Delaware – I am deeply concerned about what happened on April 20, 2022. The cessation of traffic (for what can be charitably called a petty violation) has led to many deputy sheriffs searching virtually every bag belonging to student athletes returning home from the season finale. I am told that all the deputies were white, and almost all those whose bags were searched were black. These students and coaches found themselves not in the people, not at the time. They come from one of the oldest and best HBCUs in the country. Apparently, these young women represented their school and our state with the class – and they were rewarded with a dubious search for their belongings in an attempt to find smuggling that did not exist. Not only did the deputies not find anything illegal in the bags; no coupon was issued for alleged traffic violations. “

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