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Reader Question – A book where he’s a chef and she’s a photographer who just broke up with a celebrity…


Sawera is looking for it! It almost made me one of my favorite books Opposites for you: Opposites attract romance but she is a food truck chef!! (not the photographer) and also Hero is a moody hero who runs a wonderful restaurant and her ex is a famous chef. PS Here my 5 star review.

She asks:

good day

I have a request. Sorry for the trouble

I’m looking for a book.

I don’t remember the title of the book or the author, but I remember the description: “the hero is a chef and the heroine is a photographer or something, and she recently broke up with a famous suitor who wants to go after her old first love, I think the hero opens a restaurant somewhere.

And now the hero has a long-ago girlfriend

Please help me find this book

Anyone have any guesses?

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