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Real estate market forecast for 2023

Real estate market forecast for 2023.

You know, we often get forecasts, but it’s important to stay on top of them because the market changes and stabilizes. And we have to, you know, be aware of what’s going on there.

Where is your doom? Where is your hope and optimism? Let’s see.

So it’s not an old car. That was my cue for him to show. Here we go. We are showing the screen off here. As it was not necessary. I thought, oh my god. I say, oh, you just happen. Ten markets most likely to see a downturn.

Oh, you want to guess everything?

Well, we have a few photos so it’s anyone’s guess just from the photos of the city. OK, what do we see?

Well, it’s not Paris.

No. So I guess Vegas is on the top left? Yes, maybe he will blow it.

Is this DC?

It looks like some water that we see here and palm trees. So these are warm places.

It should be California and or Florida maybe i believe.

The Bay Area and, you know, the Capital Region. So let’s see where we’re going to have dips in the market.

Let’s see. Let’s see.

We’ll take a look at the top ten markets. They looked at the 90s.

They are in danger of decline. yeah So here’s what I know, the news you hear about the recession and you just think the apocalypse is happening and a recession doesn’t mean the bottom is falling out. is correct. This means that we are stabilizing. And I believe that, and we can stop right there, when the market was like up, up, up, and I see Boyce here. It was crazy there.

right? I see BakersfieldCalifornia.

Yes, we visited, now they are all moving to Texas.

So no, there is a risk factor that goes along with it. And when I looked at it too, they should have pulled a little more. So, I see that these places have had downturns because they have been growing.

Well, I mean, it’s just unbearable to keep going, yeah. And that’s where I always come back to being comfortable where we live and thankful for where we live because we’re seeing our prices go up, but not to the extent that we’ve seen some of these other spheres.

And so with the stabilization, I don’t think you’ll see things change dramatically, but you’ll see them level out and give a little more opportunity to buyers than we’re seeing.

And so let’s look at the colors. So color often tells us something here. So we have Redfin. They have a downside risk factor. And the darker the blue, the less risky it is, the more red, the higher the probability of a downturn or the higher the risk. is correct.

So if we look where we are, we are in the light, light blue. So, you know, a little bit better. It looks like Austin or Houston is a well, I thought it was supposed to look like Austin. I thought, no, but they, I mean, that was crazy too. So I see all these cities.

Of course, it makes sense that the cities we’ve heard about that are out of control are now leveling off. So I think you just have to be careful how you interpret the words they use for these articles, right?

This. yes. And it’s nice to see nationally where they are and then where you are locally. Yes, because perspective really helps.

And if you go back to, you know, we’re in a different situation, but if you go back to where the markets that have struggled in the past, I mean, you see that, except for Austin or Texasyou see the same cities, right?

yeah And then it seems like Fort Worth is a little more likely to experience a downturn than Dallas. You can see that he has shifted a little. There’s this red one right behind him.

Do you guys feel like there’s any kind of competition between? Dallas and Fort Worth? No, I think they are two completely different fields.

They work together because they are close, but they feel completely different.

I do.

I don’t often hear people say I’m going to move here or there and it’s one or the other.

It’s like they decided. They say, “Oh, my job is moving, so I have to.”

is correct. This is true.

Raise your hand if you want to live in Fort Worth. Oh, okay, there you go.

Just Fort Worth. Did it ever occur to you? No. Shout out to George right away.

yeah Well, maybe Tom Morello.

So when I think. Until the morning. Until the morning, yes. It’s funny that I think of Fort Worth as a super country or I don’t know. Here’s Billy Bob. There are all these. I don’t know, that’s how I see it. Go figure it out.

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