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Real estate marketing strategies and examples


Real real estate marketing it’s a tool that will help you position yourself as the best expert in the field. Do you know how to use it? This article discusses the basic strategies to follow as a real estate agent.

What is real estate marketing?

Real real estate marketing allows real estate agents or companies to get more properties for sale or rent, attract clients for those properties and ultimately close more deals. To achieve these results, companies in the sector must position themselves in the market. therefore online presence is key to increase your agency’s reach.

As soon as people come to you real estate website or social media, you must deploy one of the unique marketing strategies: provide valuable content.

This will increase the positioning of your agency as a benchmark, create trust in your services and strengthen the connection with potential clients.

But being online isn’t enough either. Companies in the sector are in need create and implement a real estate digital marketing plan to stand out from their competitors and thus attract users.

For this it is essential:

  1. Define your audience.
  2. Articulate your value proposition.
  3. Choose your strategies.

Strategies and sales methods in real estate marketing:

Real inbound real estate marketing beneficial to agencies in creating better sales strategies and techniques. This methodology focuses on attracting customers by creating valuable content aimed at answering the concerns and needs of the public to which the business is directed. Also consult a Sky Marketing agent today if you want to know about all the latest trends and the best investment opportunities.

Inbound real estate marketing is divided into three stages:

  • Attraction. Advertise your property online to attract more users.
  • Interaction. Convert these users to contacts ( leads to).
  • Closure and Loyalty. Close the transaction via real estate sales strategies and cultivate a connection with the customer to build loyalty.

There are various real estate marketing strategies to guide the user through these stages. Among the most famous are the following four:

1- Content marketing:

This method consists in offering the user information that will help him. This is done through the channels where your business is present: website, blog, social media for real estateYouTube channel, podcast, etc.

By offering relevant content at each stage your prospect goes through, you keep them moving forward and thus more likely to reach the end of the journey.

For example, if you are looking for a client to give you the exclusive sale of their home, you need to put valuable content within their reach, not just to clear their doubts. Remember, this will be very important to position yourself as a real estate expert and gain their trust.

2- Online advertising:

Investment in paid advertising can speed up the customer journey. Search engine advertising through Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram ads are great options.

They are often the starting point for many real estate agencies, as they help to reach the target audience in less time.

To give you an idea, the Google Display Network covers 90% of internet users worldwide and allows for precise segmentation.

You can choose the number of people you want to reach within a time limit. In addition, you have the option of targeting the campaigns to the two goals of these campaigns: both the home seller and the home buyer.

This will shorten the distance between your real estate agency and your ideal audience.

3- Marketing automation:

We’re talking about the steps, the path, and the process of marketing automation as a strategy to replace certain points in this process with special software.

Let’s say you have a house for sale and you have shared the information on different channels of your real estate agency. You get inquiries from all of them, but the same questions always come to your site.

With a tool like a chat botyou could handle all the requests coming to your site 24/7 because the bot automatically does all the work for you.

In short, marketing automation for real estate business approx creating automated processes to scale your marketing operations and thus be able to:

  • Creating automatic responses.
  • Include new records in the CRM you are using.
  • A segment brings according to their behavior patterns.
  • Automatically send content based on certain user actions.

4- Local Marketing:

You need local marketing to position your real estate agency in a specific geographic area. It consists of targeting part of the promotions to a specific location.

Local marketing attracts customers from the region or those who are interested in your real estate agent’s region. This can be done either physically or through segmented digital activities.

Keep in mind that search engines prioritize local content over online activity. For example, Google takes into account the location of users and offers them a range based on the site.

Examples of successful strategies:

How to translate all these strategies into concrete actions? Here are some examples to consider:

Site optimization:

One way to attract potential clients to your agency is to SEO optimization of your website.

It is about building a strong reputation in the search to have a better position in the results related to the real estate market. The goal is to generate traffic to your site and get more people to visit it.

Create a real estate blog:

Another real estate marketing strategy involves valuable information. An example of a content strategy is creating a blog. This allows you to publish articles that solve many user problems.

In this way, you can give them something of value by demonstrating that your agency consists of a team of experts, positioning it as a benchmark in the real estate sector.

Some content you can create:

  • Information about the sale or lease process.
  • Tips for preparing your home for sale or rent.
  • Sector news.

Take 360 ​​virtual tours:

There is no doubt that virtual real estate tours are a trend. This is one of the real estate marketing techniques which began to take root vigorously after the pandemic, managed to fully establish the resolution users can visit properties without leaving home.

Speed ​​up answers through a chatbot:

Through SEO and content, you attract significant users to your real estate agency website. With this traffic, requests increase.

In this sense, providing immediate responses is essential to ensure proper customer service and guarantee a quality experience. More precisely, in the segment in which these aspects are even more critical. Because all help build trust in your business.

  • Provide 24/7 care.
  • Respond to users’ questions instantly.
  • Handle multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Create more effective conversations.
  • Personalize the prospect experience.

The situation worsened after the weekend due to all the requests that came in during those days.

Thanks to the Cliengo integration chat bot in your strategy, they became available at all times and spent more time on prospecting without losing leads.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the tool has allowed them to close sales in less than 30 days on multiple occasions! Imagine that you achieved this result in your real estate.

Share customer feedback:

Another example of real estate marketing strategies includes request and share customer feedback. Online reviews are critical to building trust with your agency.

8 out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as the opinions of their friends.

therefore if you want to build your real estate agency’s reputation online, don’t forget to ask for customer testimonials and share them on your channels.

Also, according to Findstack statistics, 72% of people are willing to leave feedback if asked by a company. You have to ask for it!

Email for real estate marketing:

All is fair when it comes to real estate email marketing. It is important to use this tool as part of a strategy with clear objectives and always prioritize adding value through content. This alone will help you stay in users’ inboxes and avoid spam boxes.

Some of the content you can share through this channel:

  • Useful information for owners. For example, suggestions for home maintenance or procedures that need to be done to list the property for sale.
  • Current information for buyers or renters. For example, sending real estate listings for showings or explaining the necessary documentation for this type of real estate transaction.

Real Estate Marketing WhatsApp Integration:

It is a channel of direct contact with your audience; allows you to respond to their inquiries, send them relevant content and information, and bring your service offering closer to them.

Best of all, in order to interact with users through this medium, they must first give their consent and share minimal contact information, such as their name and phone number.

You want to know how to integrate WhatsApp real estate marketing into your strategy? This can be done through the Client chat bot for WhatsApp and access the following features:

  • Automate conversations to provide an immediate response.
  • Capture conversation data.
  • Drop this information into the CRM you use for better control.
  • Allow your real estate advisors to step into the conversation when they identify an opportunity to move forward in closing the transaction.

How to attract investors in real estate?

The two main goals of real estate marketing are to attract homes for sale and customers to buy or rent real estate.

But there are also a significant number of companies in the sector dedicated search for real estate investors to finance projects in the industry.

In addition, https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/countryside-farms/ is the most desirable investment available in the capital if you are looking for a profitable investment opportunity.

If this is your goal and you want to know how to attract real estate investorsall the strategies we have shared so far can help you.

In addition, it is necessary:

  • Get to know your potential investors thoroughly. It is very important to know well which audience you are targeting. Remember, if you want to implement an inbound real estate marketing strategy, the first thing you need to know is who you want to talk to.
  • Know in detail the type of business you want to represent. Your project should have exact numbers, exact deadlines, detailed profitability and even up-to-date legal information.
  • y announce your offer. Understanding who you are addressing and what kind of offer you are offering, all you have to do is reflect it. To do this, you can apply all or some of the general strategies.

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