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Recent vaccination rates and country travel policies

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With increasing vaccinations, new Biden administration international policies and regularly updated travel options, the U.S. stands out as the most hospitable country for international students heading to university.

The U.S. vaccine distribution program has yielded extraordinary results: as of mid-June, more than 60% of the eligible population (persons 12 years of age and older) have been fully vaccinated (representing more than 52% of the total population). U.S. consular operations are resuming around the world, and all international students will be able to enter the country on August 1 and after August 1 to begin their degree programs this fall.

Compliance and requirements for participation in international students – June 2021

The table below compares travel restrictions and accessibility for international students between the United States and other popular student destinations.

*Full vaccination as of June 14, 2021

**Source: Washington Post

***Find a complete list of countries at GOV.UK

****See the full list of restrictions at Travel.gc.ca

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