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Thrillers and suspense

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Michael Stonebraker comes from good American circles. He loves his country, his family, and the variety of friends and freedoms that life in the United States provides. His father and grandfather before him fought to uphold the principles that he believed had led his country to unprecedented greatness. Now, the impasse between the dark currents of US politics and unhelpful public discontent has reached a tipping point. A brilliant plan to save the nation will destroy its ideals of loyalty and patriotism and shake the United States to its constitutional core.
Meet Michael Stonebraker, West Point graduate, warrior, war hero, patriot, and most
qualified person in America to become president.
Meet the Movement, the most secretive organization in the world. They have been preparing for this for 60 years
to save America from destruction, and Michael Stonebraker is their choice to lead the revival
Meet the mysterious man who loves the Persian Gulf as he races to save his soldier from the terrifying “Butler”
from hell!”
The Republic (Book 1) of the Stonehenge trilogy with villains so evil they set new benchmarks in fiction! The series continues with Book 2, The Invasion, and Book 3, The Island.

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