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Residents oppose possible sale of school playground Schools / Education

 Residents oppose possible sale of school playground  Schools / Education

PLIZANTAN – Members of the Val Vista community that surrounds Donlon Elementary School in Pleasantan are protesting against the sale of the adjacent green field with the school, although district officials say any potential sales are coming into the future.

The field covers approximately 8.3 acres, and 5.5 of them are being considered as part of the Pleasantano City Housing Plan to meet state demand for housing increases.

A spokesman for the United School District of Pleasanton (PUSD) Patrick Gannon said that while the property is being considered, many steps need to be taken before sales and construction can take place.

“No housing is inevitable,” Genan said. “We worked with the city in the general planning process to look at the available land we own and the available land and property owned by the city or put up for sale. For our part, this is a comprehensive view of where growth is happening and what our needs will be in schools and recruitment. As part of this process, to add flexibility in the long run, our board has moved to have parts of the land owned by the district considered as part of the city’s elemental housing plan. This includes part of the property on which the district office is located, the Nile property and part of the Donlon field. “

Gannan confirmed that the sale may never take place, and any sale or change will go through a public process with meetings and opportunities for the public to express their feelings to both the PUSD board and the city.

The Donlon deposit is one of 25 Pleasanton-rated facilities for resonance for residential purposes.

Ellen Clark, director of the city’s Department of Community Development, said the assessment is being conducted at the request of the district.

“All potential future Housing facilities, including this one, will be studied as part of the required environmental assessment to upgrade Housing, with the possibility of additional public input and discussion before any resonance decisions are made,” Clark said.

The research will be presented to the public before the adoption of the Housing Element in early 2023.

Colin Hayke is the father of Donlon Elementary School. She objected to the inclusion of school property in the Pleasanton housing plan and shared her views with both the city and the district. She also became the author of the promise change.org gather public support against field sales.

As a member of the local neighborhood, she takes her children to and from school every day, right past the field where she works.

“Every day I watched the changes and the ease of use of the field first hand,” Hayke said, noting that she moved to Pleasanton to the school district. “Quality schools mean not only learning, but the way our children grow and develop mentally and emotionally. We pointed out that Donlon is the only elementary school in the county without students ’daily access to the grass field; this is because it was fenced off. Many families and neighbors agree that this is unacceptable. It does not allow students to run safely, play kickball, soccer or football. Blacktop, which has a bad effect on children’s knees, is something that Donlon primary school students mostly go to. “

The Donlon field was fenced off late last year at the expense of Measure I1. It is not currently used because the school does not have staff to oversee the field during the holidays. Gannan said that because the area is so large, it will need a special staff member so that students can play there, and the lack of staff is currently preventing this.

At the moment, the land has moved to the stage of environmental impact review. Gann reiterated that many more steps need to be taken before making property decisions.

“We would have gone through a public procedure if we had decided to sell the land to the city,” he said. “All we have done so far is vote for the land to be included in the city plan. There is still time and ample opportunity to comment on the process. No decisions have been made, and in any case, there would still be a green zone for Donlon Primary School. ”

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