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Resources for Teachers and Families for Mental Health Awareness Month from Discovery Education and Social Impact Partners

Resources for Teachers and Families for Mental Health Awareness Month from Discovery Education and Social Impact Partners

Silver Spring, MD (Friday, May 6, 2022) – In honor of Mental Health Month 2022, held annually in May, Discovery Education and partners are proud to present teachers, students and families with a diverse set of dynamic digital resources that support the mental health of students around the world.

This year’s Mental Health Month, dedicated to “Together for Mental Health”, supports all forms of mental health. The following resources, created in collaboration with social impact partners, support the health of students through empowerment of the family and the teacher:

Content of professional development
To deepen the potential of the educator in the field of socio-emotional learning (SEL) and its various applications in different learning environments with the help of professional learning resources from Coalition of Social and Emotional Learninga network of partners that seeks to incorporate critical, culturally important socio-emotional learning resources into core curricula to support faculty and students across the country.

Develop a SEL-focused learning strategy e-learning modules on demand designed to strengthen the understanding of trauma-based educational practices and policies that promote student-centered learning from Ready, get ready, get up! – a unique educational initiative that contributes to the success of teachers and student performance by improving stress management skills and greater general socio-emotional learning from Kaiser Permanente, the Alliance for Healthy Generation and Discovery Education.

Family resources Families play an important role in the recovery of children. З resources from I’m amazing the Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education initiative – parents and carers can play an active role in socio-emotional learning, health and building students ’confidence at a critical age of development.

Class activities
Allow students to raise their voice for social change through the fourth year The challenge is stronger than the hatred. Students ages 13-18 can win $ 6,000 for submitting a project that demonstrates how testimony can create a community stronger than hate. Applications are accepted until May 26. The The challenge is stronger than the hatred demonstrates the ability to learn from the past and raise your voice to confront hatred. The challenge is represented by the USC Shoah Foundation and Discovery Education, world leaders in edtech, whose modern digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place.

Users of the K-12 Discovery Education platform can discover all this content and more at the SEL Center located within Discovery Education K-12 training platform. Created by the SEL Coalition, the Social and Emotional Learning Center presents a hand-picked collection of hundreds of resources designed to support faculty who incorporate SEL into core learning and help students develop social and emotional competencies. The SEL Center includes resources aimed at teacher professional development and school culture, including micro-learning, learning strategies and ready-to-use slideshows. Designed for all K-12 students and faculty, the center offers multimodal digital content designed for students that meets the five SEL competencies of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and includes virtual tours, videos, podcasts, exercises on attentiveness, songs and reading passages.

The SEL Center was made possible in part by a partnership with Allstate Foundation, National AfterSchool Association and Ask, Listen, Learn. The SEL Center resources feature original Discovery Education resources, content from trusted partners such as CASEL, Inner Explorer and Everyday Speech, as well as content created in partnership with The Allstate Foundation and Ask, Listen, Learn.

“In Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that by 2020, 37% of young people are in poor mental health, ”said Beth Mayer, vice president of social impact Discovery Education. “These data point to the fact that we are now at a critical juncture in K-12 education regarding the mental health issue of students. Partnerships to create resources that support students ’mental health, like the ones presented here, are more important than ever, and we all have a role to play in supporting this important work.”

For more information on Discovery Education’s digital resources and vocational training services, visitwww.discoveryeducation.com and stay in touch with Discovery Education on social mediaTwitter andLinkedIn.

About Discovery Education Discovery Education is a world leader in digital curriculum resources that meet standards, engaging content and professional learning for K-12 classes. Through award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia resources and the largest professional learning network of its kind, Discovery Education transforms teaching and learning, creates an exciting STEM experience and improves academic achievement around the world. Discovery Education currently serves approximately 4.5 million faculty and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are available in more than 100 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Discovery, Inc., Discovery Education works with districts, states and like-minded organizations to provide teachers with individualized solutions that support the success of all students. Explore the future of education in DiscoveryEducation.com.

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