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Review of Divas / Brotherhood – Powerful Studies Examining Maturation Issues Movies


Xa pair of documentaries are shown together in Bertha Dockhouse in London; they are supposedly mirror images of each other: the female trio and the male trio, urban Hungary and rural Bosnia, chatty and silent. But both Divas (★★★★ ☆) and Brotherhood (★★★★ ☆) – these are works with vivid characteristics about young people who pass in their environment to address issues of maturation and take personal responsibility.

Only six years older than the three 20-year-olds he meets on the windowsill of a Budapest school, giving expelled students one last chance to get a degree, director Mateo Korozi seems unsure of following young women who have been dubbed “divas.” . ”To his classmates. The band, dressed up to the maximum, consists of a new age, with dreadlocks Tina, a karaoke hostess with truckers Zani and a depressed Emesa with a Bowie hairstyle. Körösi seems fascinated by their impudence and frivolity, but admits that by studying them, he seeks to understand his own case of cessation of development.

In fact, behind their flawless facade they stand black belts in personal development. Whether from ruined homes or with a restless psyche, the caustic attitude of the troika stems directly from the life force that keeps them alive and evolving, and their friendship is a security capsule. Keeping them teasing, Körösi keeps it fresh with a lively array of visual tricks: video diaries, superimposed illustrations and a great tracking photo reminiscent of Donnie Darko’s high school entrance. And, gaining their confidence – and suddenly stunned by one recent tragic event – he eventually becomes the one who may benefit most in this touching, liberating film.

The Koran is a path to personal development in a film by Italian director Francesco Montagner about a family of Bosnian shepherds … right? When Patriarch Ibrahim is in prison for two years for a trip to Syria, his three sons quickly step down from their assigned roles. The eldest, Jabir, with a red kiss rockabilly gets into nightclubs. Junior Usiir, appointed future imam, prefers games on his smartphone to religious instruction. Even Osama’s middle child, saddled with sheep and a theological devotee, like his father, has an angry, mocking streak that suggests he may stray from the path.

Jabir would like to start her own business, Useir has a future streamer on YouTube, but Osama is holding back. “Everyone’s destiny is written down. This is my sheep grazing, ”he says. Montagnier often looks closely at the faces of the brothers in a very close-up, giving the fraternity’s spiritual dismantling – traditionalist fatalism versus 21st century individualism – an epic quality; he further emphasizes these contours through seemingly overtly dramatized scenes. But he keeps a secret, and it is never clear which force wins. If modernity seems to prevail, the eternal gloomy slopes of the Balkan hills are its own answer.

The Divas and the Brotherhood are released at Bertha Dock House, London, on Friday.

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