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Review of The Ravens by Danielle Page and Cass Morgan


Review of The Ravens by Danielle Page and Cass Morgan

Review of The Ravens by Danielle Page and Cass Morgan here. This book is about the very exclusive Kappa Ro Nu, also known as the Ravens.

The Ravens by Danielle Page and Cass Morgan
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At first glance, the sorority is made up of beautiful, mostly rich, influential, ambitious, and intelligent girls who attend Westerly College in Savannah, Georgia. The entire campus thinks the Ravens are powerful, but they don’t know they’re actually witches.

The story is told in dual POV. Scarlet Winter comes from generations of Ravenclaws, and it seems that everything comes easily to her. But there is so much pressure and expectation that Scarlett is determined to prove that she is the most powerful Winter Raven and become the next president of Kappa Rho Nu.

Vivi Devereaux doesn’t even know she’s a witch. She never stayed in one place long enough and never got the chance to make friends. But she is thrilled to have been accepted to Westerly College and even received an application to transfer to the Ravens. Small quarrels arise between the two witches. Scarlett doesn’t think Vivi is Raven material, and Vivi catches the attention of Scarlett’s boyfriend. But both must put their differences aside as dark and evil magic threatens the secrets of the Ravenclaw and their sisters are in danger.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book. I knew it was a sisterhood of young witches. I was really expecting witchcraft with a young adult drama, but I got so much more. The application for the pledge evoked a Hogwarts atmosphere. Houses of Ravenclaw: The wands, swords, pentacles, and cups reminded me of Hogwarts houses. I enjoyed the steady pace of the story and reading about witchcraft, tarot cards, spells and the various powers of witches.

The Ravens by Danielle Page
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However, I ran into some issues with The Ravens. The first is the love triangle between Scarlett, Vivi and Mason. I didn’t feel the chemistry between Vivi and Mason. It might be because I’ve never been a fan of instant love and its complications, especially when another person is involved. I understand that over the summer, Mason realized that there could be more to life after college. Especially compared to the predetermined life for him by his family and friends. I wasn’t a fan of him using the “we’re better as friends” move because he understood that he wanted to live a life without rules or plans.

I also wanted the Ravens to showcase the full witch potential and magical powers of each sister.

Especially at the end when they try to find the source of the evil magic. I think that would have made the twist less overwhelming. But other than that, I appreciated that Scarlett came to me when I least expected it. I loved seeing her grow as a witch and a raven. Her story showed the sacrifices made with magic. I also liked how the conflicts, mysteries, and lies in the story keep you guessing as to whether or not the Ravens will survive the evil magic.

“Ravens” is a duology. I look forward to reading the last Monarchs book. This book would be a perfect Halloween read, especially for readers who enjoy witchcraft and magic.

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