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Rising from the ashes – dream builders


Note that life cannot go back to “normal” after you have been shaken by strong experiences. However, as we see beyond the painful processes and nature of our attachment, we move forward through the fire, into the next chapter of our lives. In the event of conflict, heartbreak, or relationship breakdown, we gain a valuable insight into ourselves that could not have come about in any other way. As Rumi repeats, “a wound is a place where light enters.” Our supposed loss of love leads us to the realization that each of us is a source of eternal love. It arises from outside. Deepening self-love is an inward journey. When we rise above our fears like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can continue to grow and accept people as they are, leave or move on as part of the soul’s journey. We see the nature of disconnection more clearly as we become more connected to ourselves, aware of who we are. It’s about consciously allowing the element of fire to burn away the negative beliefs we’ve outgrown. When we feel the fire with awareness and attention to inner balance, our lives blossom in new directions, fueled by an incredible ease of being, a sense of being stronger, an ignition of the spark.

What is beckoning you to let go or burn out in your life to make room for new growth? Identify a belief or situation you used to support your false identity. When awakening occurs, revelations or truths emerge. At this stage of the soul’s evolution, brutal honesty is required. Allow the metaphorical fire to do its work, allowing you to blossom in the warmth of the sunlight and all that will open to expansion.

(Rising from the Ashes – PHOENIX ART by Olsea Arts)

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