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Riverside Insights received an Excellence in Equity Award for Special Opportunities


ITASCA, Illinois – Riverside Insights® , a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, today announced that it has won Best Solution for Accessibility at the first Excellence in Equity Awards program presented by the American Consortium for Equity in Education. The Riverside Insights’ decisions were chosen because they are designed to serve students of all ability levels, from those with physical or cognitive disabilities to gifted students who seek to challenge themselves. All Riverside Insights products are designed to be as accessible as possible for all learners, including large print, audio and Braille assessments, as well as English Learner versions.

“Equity is at the heart of our mission to enhance the potential of all learners,” said Dr. Sarah Holman, a former special education administrator and bilingual evaluator who now serves as director of marketing at Riverside Insights. “We deliver on our commitment through our people, our processes, our products and our professional development so that every learner has the opportunity to build on their strengths.”

“This category is particularly important for us. Across our portfolio, accessibility, translation, adaptation, and local, regional and national regulations are key tenants of our product development roadmap as we strive to ensure that teachers, learners, families and communities are not left behind Anna Hausman said. , a former elementary school teacher and director of assessment who now serves as Riverside Insights’ director of products.

The Excellence in Equity Awards, designed to honor schools, teachers and industry leaders, received more than 160 nominations from across the United States in addition to a number of submissions from around the world. The awards were created to recognize, highlight, and celebrate outstanding work in K-12 education, and to expand and energize the discussion around educational equity. After review by judges, the winning nominees were selected based on their outstanding achievements in supporting equal opportunities and outcomes for all educators and learners.

“Educators and industry are on the same team, dedicated to the same mission of providing equal opportunity for all learners. The overwhelming interest from all stakeholders in our inaugural awards program proves that sentiment is correct,” said Ross Romano, chair of the Excellence in Equity Awards program and strategic advisor to the American Consortium for Equity in Education. “I am honored to announce the 2022 Excellence in Equity Award winners and highlight the stories of these companies and leaders who are improving student and teacher outcomes in schools around the world.”

To learn more about the winners in all categories, visit www.ace-ed.org/awards.

About the Excellence in Equity Awards

The Excellence in Equity Awards program recognizes companies, nonprofits, leaders and educators whose work contributes to the critical goal of ensuring access and equity for every learner. Learn more at www.ace-ed.org/awards.

About Riverside Insights

Riverside Insights, one of the nation’s leading and longest-standing developers of research-based assessments and analytics, is driven by a powerful mission: to provide information that helps empower and enrich the lives of students, patients, employees and organizations globally. For more information visit www.RiversideInsights.com.

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