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Rocking it ‘Out of Office’ – The New Indian Express

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Infosys co-founder Naroyan Murti once wrote a letter to his employees asking them not to spend too much time in offices and instead pursue hobbies. Morty clearly understood the importance of privacy. And the members of Out of Office – a band from Bangalore, show them how to do it, because all its members, except one, have a regular job. With a unique sound that includes a fusion of blues, funk and rock ‘n’ roll with Carnatic music and preferring live sound over programs, Rakesh VG ‘Rax’ on vocals / guitar, Narasimha Curam ‘Narsi’ on guitar, Chandra Mouli Kavi « Chandru ”on bass guitar and Akshay Nagmule“ Shay ”on drums and percussion aroused the audience at several venues in the city. Rakesh about the band’s path:

Smells like Team Spirit

We met on Facebook and Musolist. We decided to meet and jam, because we all had the same interest in music. Our first gig as a band was at OktoberFest in March. And then a secret SofarSounds concert was organized. The beauty of this concept is that the artist who is to perform and the venue are kept secret and revealed just days before the event on the Sofar website. So the artist and the audience don’t know what to expect, and it creates a unique atmosphere. After this concert we got real fans.

The song of the rain

We firmly believe that the only goal of our music is to make changes and influence people’s lives in a positive way. In May, we released our first single called Rain. All of our proceeds from the sale of the tracks go to fundraising for the Miter School for Special Children. We also had the privilege of playing for them in June at Coles Park

What’s my name?

I am an entrepreneur, Narcy works for Intel, Chandra for ThoughtWorks, and Akshay is a full-time musician. We are all from Bangalore. Each of us comes from a variety of technical knowledge such as electronics, computer science, commerce, and some of us even have master’s degrees. We each have daily work and most of the day. Because this is what we do outside of our workplace, hence the name – Out of Office.

The song remains the same

Our music brings you the soul of blues, groove funk, rock and roll and the feeling of Carnatic music. Improvisation on stage and playing from the heart are key elements of our music, and no two performances sound the same.


We plan to hold our concerts outside Bangalore and in the future also outside India. We have a lot of singles scheduled to release this year and we also plan to release videos.

Contact: www.outofofficetheband.com

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