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Sandy Hook’s lawsuit against Alex Jones continues

Sandy Hook's lawsuit against Alex Jones continues

VICTORIA, Texas (AP) – Sandy Hook’s family is suing Infowars presenter and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for what he called …

VICTORIA, Texas (AP) – Family lawsuits by Sandy Hook against Infowars presenter and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones over what he called the 2012 Newtown school shooting shootout a hoax appear to be recovering soon based on agreements revealed Friday in the bankruptcy cases of some of Jones. companies.

Bankruptcy claims Infowars, Prison Planet TV and IW Health last month delayed lawsuits filed in Texas and Connecticut. Jones had already lost the defamation lawsuits, and the paperwork came in a week before a jury in Texas had to begin considering how much money Jones had to pay to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.

On Friday, bankruptcy attorneys said the families would be removed as creditors, and Infowar and Prison Planet TV would be removed as defendants in defamation cases in Texas and Connecticut.

Government lawsuits then continued against Jones and his largest money-making company, Free Speech Systems, none of which filed for bankruptcy. When these cases resumed was not immediately clear.

The lawyers’ comments were made during a hearing in the American Bankruptcy Court in Texas. Ken Lee, a lawyer for Jones ’companies, said the bankruptcy case would continue because they have other creditors.

However, a hearing on the termination of the bankruptcy case is scheduled for May 27. Sandy Hook’s family has questioned the legality of the documents, saying they were intended only to detain defamation lawsuits – Jones’ lawyers deny.

A shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has killed 20 children and six teachers.

The families of the eight victims and an FBI agent in charge of schooling have sued Jones, Infowars and others, saying they have been harassed and threatened with death by Jones’ followers because of the falsification conspiracy. Jones has since said he believes the shooting did take place.

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