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Schools should do a better job of teaching anti-racism


The recent killing of 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket by a self-proclaimed young white nationalist is the latest evidence of a growing concern: the dangerous acceptance of the “Great Replacement Theory,” a conspiracy promoted by white supremacists and far-right television hosts.

unfortunately theory that the influx of immigrants and people of color will lead to the extinction of the white race is gaining ground among Americans who fear that the changing racial composition of the US will eventually shift the country’s power base: Almost every third Americans say they are extremely or very concerned that Native Americans are losing “economic, political and cultural influence” in this country due to rising immigration.

Dylann Roof, the young white supremacist who killed nine black congregants at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, believed in GRT. He has manifesto, Dach made it clear that he was concerned about the loss of white supremacy in America and Europe. “I saw that the same thing happened in England and France, and in all the other countries of Western Europe,” he wrote, “in the homeland of the white people.”

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