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Set long-term goals before entering a foreign university: The Tribune India

Set long-term goals before applying to a foreign university

Piyush Bhartia

An overseas degree can provide you with the right environment with excellent faculty and colleagues, learning experience and much more lucrative opportunities. However, to turn this into realized opportunities will require much more hard work.

The idea of ​​studying abroad may excite many applicants; however, the ultimate goal here is to focus on the long-term goals of life. Having invested so much time and money, you need to understand exactly what they will get and work systematically to achieve your goals. For a detailed study, first, delve into the presented benefits of foreign education.

A foreign degree enhances communication skills

Apart from a diploma on paper, a diploma obtained in a foreign country offers several other benefits such as good communication skills. Living away from the comfort zone tends to open up low-key candidates; it boosts confidence and helps them understand the perspective of a wider audience, including potential employers.

This expands employment opportunities in the home country

Although it may or may not help to secure reputable work in India or other countries. But the homeland will be much more open to the candidate if they complete a course at a familiar institute. This can give a person a better job and many new options to choose from, as most Indian diplomas are often considered non-compliant with another country. In addition, the relative awareness of a multiethnic culture helps many companies gain an advantage.

The biggest problem for students from Tier II universities in India is that they will not even interview leading companies and they will only be rejected in their resume. A diploma abroad will have a work visa and the opportunity to gain international experience, which will make them very attractive to the job market in India.

A reputable university provides additional benefits

Suppose a student can succeed in a foreign entrance or qualifying exam to be admitted to one of the best institutions in the world. Then the chances of getting a better paid job increase significantly than most average graduates (Indian or foreign).

Reality check

Many Indian universities today create excellent learning conditions and give Indian students excellent opportunities. Thus, it is unfair to say that all Indian universities are in a worse position than universities abroad. In addition, the tumultuous ecosystem of startups is expanding its talent pool beyond several leading universities, making the job market more open.

Recognition of the degree by other countries

Is the crucial aspect that many ignore when discussing the importance of a foreign degree recognized in other parts of the world? Because there are several international institutions whose academic credentials are not considered standard in other countries with a high level of job creation. This issue can lead to conflict in a student’s career at later stages. Although this is limited to government or legally related vacancies where technical accreditation of degrees is required, but if this is the ultimate goal, then students should evaluate it.

Accommodation costs

Studying abroad can be expensive; the average cost of living may exceed as opposed to living in India. Therefore, before entering the institute, students must accurately assess the cost of the diploma. There are many ways to earn while studying that can cover the cost of living in these countries, which also need to be considered, and thus students need to make a more complete decision.

Who should receive a foreign education?

While many myths revolve around foreign education and its impact on careers, there are many good opportunities presented through it. In addition to travel and cross-cultural exposure, it offers many alternatives for students.

Many students in India aspire to enroll in institutions such as the Ivy League, Oxford and New York Universities. Every year, many such students rigorously prepare for international aptitude tests such as the SAT. Starting training from a young age usually gives a head start to those who wish. What’s more, each of these renowned institutions offers certain educational programs that are recognized as the best in the world. Therefore, choosing any of these specific programs in a reliable college will provide greater opportunities for success in this field.

Similarly, if you plan to get an education in any other country, the main goal of foreign education should be to get the best out of the attendance program and find a quality education that is not offered anywhere else. Hence, what adds value to a person’s resume.

In addition, foreign education will also be profitable for those who prioritize research and collaborative learning activities, as international research will boost a person’s academic skills along with professional and personal skills. These are great additional features that help you improve your job search skills. In addition, the skills gained will help thrive in an economy that will continue to expand worldwide through international partnerships, freelance and remote work. International students will prefer more networking opportunities and branching opportunities at their work.

Ideally, the student should be hardworking and ambitious, while fees and finances should not be significant problems, then obtaining a foreign degree can be an opportunity for them once in a lifetime.

Although, if the main plan is guaranteed success in career after graduation with the desired diploma, then the candidate should turn to current international students to understand the reality and how to best use their opportunities.

If relevance is recognized in the field of interest, determine the ideal course that students should study at an institution that is fully in line with the interests of the specialization.

Several counseling programs are offered to students who are confused in their choices. They develop a strategy based on the applicant’s goal and provide adequate research to find the right international program to maximize their potential for a secure job after graduation. But in the end, there is still no guarantee. Ultimately, the impact that a foreign degree gives is assessed by the candidates ’experience and efforts gained to the opportunity, not so much by the degree itself.

The writer is a co-founder of Admitcard.

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