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Staying true to our mission of reporting to you, we asked for a favor. Will you be participating in our annual reader survey? Whether you’re visiting our site for the first time or reading our stories daily, your feedback is very helpful to us in planning and developing our newsroom.

Our goal is to provide the best reading experience possible, and your feedback helps our team know how to best meet your needs. This gives us the insights we need to improve existing products and platforms and build new ones.

Filling out the questionnaire takes about 10-12 minutes. We understand it’s time consuming, but by taking this survey, you’ll help us gain critical insight into what you expect (and want) from Mississippi Today.

And in return, everyone who fills out our survey will get a chance to win a set limited edition holiday cards developed by editor-in-chief Marshall Ramsey.

Thank you for helping us make Mississippi Today better for you.

We want to hear from you!

By listening more closely to and understanding the people who make up Mississippi’s communities, our reporters show in a human way how politics affects ordinary Mississippians. We listen carefully to our readers to help us continue to align our work with the needs and priorities of people across Mississippi. Please take a few minutes to tell us what’s on your mind by clicking the button below.

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