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Should you keep stocks forever?


When it comes to stocks, there are many different opinions about what you should do. Some people think you should always buy and sell stocks, while others think you should hold onto some stocks forever. So what’s the right strategy for you? Should you hold stocks forever?

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of holding stocks forever and give you a simple list of the best stocks to hold forever.

Can you hold stocks forever?

Technically, you can hold the stock forever. However, there are some risks associated with holding stocks for too long. First of all, the company can go bankrupt, in which case you will lose all your money.

Also, promotions may not perform well and you may miss out on other opportunities. Black Swan events may also occur and you may be tempted to sell stocks.

That being said, stocks can be held forever. For example, if the companies as well as the brokerages that provide security for your security promise the lifetime of the entity forever, then yes, technically you can hold the stock forever and even pass it on to your children.

There is no legal rule that says you must sell your shares after a certain period.

What does it mean to hold stocks forever?

Forever can be quite philosophical, but when people say they’re holding a stock forever, it just means they’ll never sell it. No matter what the market conditions are or how much the stock price fluctuates, it will never be sold.

The goal of holding stocks forever is to maximize long-term wealth. This strategy is also known as buy and hold. By keeping a supply forever, you give it time to bond and grow. Over time, the value of the stock will likely increase and you will make a profit.

It can also lead to wealth of generations. For example, if you buy stocks and hold them for life, you can pass them on to your children or grandchildren. They will then have the option of selling it or keeping it forever.

What are the benefits of holding stocks forever?

The main advantage of perpetual storage of shares composition. This benefit should be mentioned first, because it is the most important. If you hold a stock forever, you give it time to compound.

This means that the profits earned each year are reinvested and added to the original investment. Over time, this can lead to significant growth.

For example, if a stock goes up by an average of 10% and you start with $10,000, after a year the value will be $11,000. The 10% will be applied to the total value of the shares, not just the initial investment. 10% of $11,000 would result in $12,100 and so on.

That’s how compounding works, and it’s one of the most powerful wealth building tools available. By applying the interest multiplier to the total for the past year, not just the initial investment, the growth will be exponential. Increases exponentially over time. So by stocking up forever, you let compounding work its magic.

Dividends Another advantage of holding stocks forever is that you will receive regular dividends. These payments can provide a source of income that can be especially helpful in retirement.

Legally avoiding capital gains taxes it is also beneficial to keep the supply forever. When you sell the stock, you are subject to capital gains tax. These taxes can eat into your profits and reduce your overall income. However, if you never sell your assets, you will never have to pay capital gains tax.

Finally, wealth protection for future heirs can help protect your wealth and pass it on future generations. When you sell your shares, there is always a risk that the money could be wasted.

However, if you leave your shares to your heirs, they will receive them without capital gains taxes. as well as inflation. Most currencies decrease in value over time, but if you choose the best companies, they will likely increase in value, providing protection against inflation.

What are the best stocks to keep?

The best stocks to keep forever are the ones that will always be needed. For example, people need to eat, so food supplies will always be in demand. Water is another necessity, so water utility supplies can also be a good choice.

Other examples of companies that will always be in demand include healthcare, energy and technology. These companies will continue to innovate and evolve over time, providing shareholders with long-term growth potential.

Remember that the latest fashion will one day become a relic of the past. But throughout human history, basic necessities are still necessary for survival.

Stocks you can buy and hold forever

Here are some stocks you can buy and hold forever:

1. Nestle (NESN)

2. Waste Management (WM)

3. Walmart (WMT)

4. American Water Works (AWK)

5. Aqua America (WTRG)

6. The SJW Group (SJW)

7. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

8. Pfizer (PFE)

9. Coca-Cola (KO)

10. Costco (COST)

While there are many other great companies to add to this list, these are some of the best stocks to buy and hold forever. These companies have strong foundations and are leaders in their fields.

They also have a history of consistent growth and shareholder value creation. So, if you’re looking for a good stock to buy and hold forever, consider investing in one or more of these companies.

Prominent mentions are banking stocks, however fintech may start to eat away at banks in the coming years, so they may not be the safest investment. Technology companies also deserve attention, as they have the potential for exponential growth.

However, they are also more volatile and can be subject to rapid market changes. If a technology company can’t stay competitive, its stock price could plummet.

ASML is another notable mention since microchips will probably last forever because of them lack of competition. But at the same time, technology is constantly changing, which makes this choice more variable.

Finally, it is also important to note that the energy sector can also be disrupted by a sustainable energy source, so it may not be the safest investment in the long term.

Should you hold stocks forever?

Investing in stocks for the long term can be difficult for some investors, and when it comes to holding on to stocks forever, it’s even more difficult. The perpetuity of stocks depends mainly on your investment goals and profile, as well as the stocks themselves. Some companies will still be around 50 years from now, while others will not.

Understanding the competitive business landscape today is difficult enough, now imagine projecting it into the next 30, 40 or even 50 years.


Choosing stocks to hold forever can be a daunting task. Most civilizations eventually collapse, so it can be difficult to predict which individual companies will exist in the future. That being said, some companies have a better chance of surviving than others.

The best stocks that can be held forever are usually in the food, water, healthcare and energy industries. However, if you want to invest in the stock market forever but don’t know which companies will last forever, you can invest in the S&P 500.

The S&P 500 is an index of the 500 largest US companies. These companies have a history of surviving recessions and market downturns. Nations also decline over time. If you so choose, invest in an index fund that tracks emerging world powers such as China, India and Brazil can help you stay ahead of the game.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which stocks you want to hold forever. Just remember to do your research and invest in companies that you believe will be around for the long haul. There are no guarantees, but the math of compound interest is in your favor.

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