Home Education Sify Technologies again conducts SSC exams despite cases of fraud?

Sify Technologies again conducts SSC exams despite cases of fraud?


Has Sify Technologies signed a contract to retake the SSC online exams? The CBI recently filed a FIR against 10 Sify Technologies employees over a paper leak for an online exam at the alumni level of the Personnel Selection Commission (SSC). Has Sify Technologies been given a clear opportunity to retake the SSC exams?

Formerly like EurAsian Times The Indian CBI reportedly searched 12 locations, including four Sify Technologies offices in Chennai, Noida, Mumbai and Delhi, in addition to the residence of one of its employees. Sant Prasad Gupta, the trustee of the issues bank at Sify, along with nine other staff who were site managers at the seven test centers, were also named to the FIR.

SSC Scam from Sify Technologies staff

While the specific case being investigated and investigated is the current paper leak, the real problem could be much greater. There are more and more cases of paper leaks, mass frauds and similar problems related to competitive exams, which put the whole essence and purpose at stake. These competitive exams are in a sense the basis for the very future of the country, so in a broader sense these cases, such as the current leak of documents, affect the whole nation.

The Personnel Selection Commission recruits staff who hold positions in various government organizations and central agencies. It is also a recruitment step for future subordinate officials. Thus, individuals involved in fraud can hold prestigious and important positions in government, putting the entire nation at risk.

If the new is true, then despite such a rough history of the company, FIR against ten employees of Sify Technologies and the constant investigation of the CBI, how and why the prestigious SSC exams again transferred to Sify?

Meanwhile, SSC is expected to publish the exam dates of SSC Combined Graduate Level, CGL Tier I in 2018. According to an official statement, the SSC had to spend SSC CGL Tier I Exams 2018 from July 25 to August 20. However, the dates have been changed in the new exam calendar published commission.

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