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Skills for English language tests approved to qualify for an Irish visa


As part of an application for an approved English program at an Irish institution, international students wishing to study will be able to take the Skills for English: SELT or Skills for English: Global tests.

They will be part of their application and will give part-time work rights to successful students, which will allow them to expand their portfolio during their stay in Ireland.

“Being accepted for a study visa to Ireland is a key strategic pillar of English language skills,” said PSI President Janet Garcia.

“This will give international students even more access to one of the world’s leading markets for English language teaching and higher education,” she said.

The approval comes at a crucial time for the international Irish enrollment community; figures have risen 26% over the past three years.

It also follows that the Duolingo English test was done by Fr. permanent supply as the minimum English language standard for Irish study visas in December.

According to PSI, the decision of the Immigration Department of Ireland to “expand the available options” is “ideal”.

“The Irish Government joins the UK Government in recognizing the quality of the proposed assessment and gives higher and secondary education the confidence that their applicants have the necessary English language skills and knowledge to succeed in the next stage of their education,” said John McMorris. , Director of Business Development in the Scottish Qualifications Office.

“Being accepted for a study visa in Ireland is a key strategic pillar”

He also noted that it is based on a “successful relationship” between the government and the PSI, and that it is a “significant development”.

“It’s just another vote of confidence in the English language test,” he added.

Garcia echoed these sentiments, noting that the move cements English language skills as “a set of robust, high-rate tests for international visas and study.”

“Together with our network of partner agents and training providers, we work tirelessly to help students achieve their goals of learning and living abroad.

“Recognition of English language skills by the Irish government will undoubtedly benefit many thousands of students in the coming years,” Garcia added.

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