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Our thoughts are our own. No matter how hard the people we know, the media, or society try to define exactly what you think, the core thoughts you think in each moment are solely your choice. The attitude, kindness, and productivity of those thoughts (or lack thereof) will shape who you become and what you experience tomorrow. What we think about the world, other people, and most importantly ourselves will determine the turns of our lives and the relative success or failure of our existence. So the question becomes important. What do you think about it? You can spend many hours with someone and lie next to them at night, but you will never know their thoughts.

What do you think about the world?

We live in a society in the United States where people experience unprecedented freedom of movement and thought. Yet we have a culture inundated with images of fear and lack. Watch the mainstream media and you will feel like your life is in danger when you walk out the door. Every person you meet has sinister intentions to kidnap you or someone you love or commit an act of terrorism. All of this creates a culture of fear that is convenient for marketers What do you think about?for you but not so good to enjoy life. Some dangers exist. Such is life, but most people and situations will not hurt you.

In my life experience, most people will go out of their way to help you if you need it. They do this without expecting anything in return. It is done because it is right. None of this makes the headlines, though, because insanity and fear sell products. Kindness does not. It’s simply because you’re looking for something to make you feel better or safer when you’re scared. You don’t need anything when you are happy, safe and content. What do you think about the world?

What do you think of other people?

Other people are a mystery because we don’t know what they think. But we quickly judge, evaluate and hang them. Thousands of years of instinct make us do this. Our ancestors had to quickly assess the threat, kindness or advantage of another person. Life depended on them this. Our minds are programmed to look for problems and threats. Finding the good in someone is more difficult and requires a bit of effort. But look for the good in all people and you will almost always find it.

The thoughts you think about other people will lead to the way you view them. If you are distrustful, judgmental, angry, and limited, most people you meet will reflect that on you. Make sure everyone in the world is a selfish jerk out to ruin your life. But the real problem is not with them, but with your thoughts about them. Even the biggest jerk in the world has something good. They often just forgot it was there. If you choose, these thoughts of kindness and acceptance of others will be reflected in others as well. Try to choose positive thoughts about people.

What do you think about yourself?

It’s a place where no one will know what you’re thinking but you. We never talk to anyone as much as we talk to ourselves. But we don’t think about how to have these conversations. How you think about your relative worth will always be reflected in your thoughts. It’s easy to look at our looks, accomplishments, or mistakes in life and constantly beat ourselves up about them. I’m too heavy, too thin, not enough money, big enough at home or what we lack. If we spend our thoughts on what we lack materially or personally, we will lack.

Choose not to focus your thoughts on our good qualities and what we can and want to achieve in life. We have been taught since childhood not to brag about our good qualities. A light step means that we should be ashamed of our good qualities. But this is a mistake. How we think about ourselves will be the most important factor in our successes and failures. If we don’t believe in ourselves, what others think won’t matter or help. Inside each of us is a wonderful person with talent, and we all have wonderful qualities. Many people have buried them deep under the tangled weeds of others’ expectations. Look for that person and know the goodness in yourself and good will come out of it. Be kind, loving and accepting of yourself; it’s easy to be that way about others.

What is it, what do you think? Be aware of the positives and negatives you think about the world, other people, and yourself, and you’ll see how your opinions will determine how you experience the world.

“Your circumstances may be unpleasant, but they will not remain so if you only grasp the ideal and strive for it. You can’t travel inside and stand still outside.’ James Allen

“Everything you think the world is hiding from you, you are hiding from the world.” Eckhart Tolle

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