Home Education Soon the last call of additional exams: Jadavpur Universtiy

Soon the last call of additional exams: Jadavpur Universtiy

Soon the last call of additional exams: Jadavpur Universtiy

Jadovpur University will soon take the final test of additional exams. Additional exams were required for students who did not pass the previous semester exams. The examination board, including university officials, will meet next week or this week for a final decision, the official said.

Given the current situation, it may not be possible to conduct additional tests along with the final semester exams. We will discuss whether students of the faculties of arts, science and technology can get points for the previous semester exams, which they did not pass or could not attend, ”the official said.

“Because classes remain suspended from March 17, and many students do not have the opportunity for online classes, they may not be able to prepare for additional exams along with documents for the current semester. We will make a decision that is acceptable to all. As the opening date of the campus remains uncertain, we must act quickly, ”he added.

There is already a broad agreement between students and teachers not to conduct the exam, but it requires the final approval of the examination board, the official added.

Under the current proposal, 40-50 percent will be given to presentations for the previous semester, class work / projects and live. The remaining weight will be given based on the exam in which students will appear from their home. Home exams can be taken online or by sending questions to students ’homes.

Tina Bhattacharya, chairwoman of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Arts, said: “We are looking at the results of the meeting. There may be a broad formula for all departments. But a specific criterion may not apply to each department.”

“We hope that in this unprecedented situation an acceptable solution will be found that will satisfy everyone without harm to health,” she added.

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