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Start your own movie while meditating


August 17, 2022

Ask Deepak

When your mind and heart are truly open, wealth will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I recently meditated for many hours day after day for several weeks and suddenly I felt that I had completely lost consciousness and was seeing things very clearly, as if I were running my own “movie” – after a while I got scared and woke up – or came back to unconsciousness. What was it?


It was your Higher Self watching your life from the inside where you know yourself as the author of history. You didn’t “pass out,” you acquired the awareness of a silent witness perspective that allowed you to watch the movie of your life. This other point of view was so unfamiliar to you that you frightened yourself, and it snapped you out of that state back into your familiar state of consciousness. The next time it happens, you won’t feel so unfamiliar, and you’ll be able to let him reveal himself more fully. Over time, you will come to recognize this silent witness as a truer, more real version of your essential self than your conditioned role-playing self wrapped up in the movie of your life.



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