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Student success coaches help education

Student success coaches help education

Our public schools need additional capacity to help students resume their learning, reconnect with the school community, and recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

The proven support infusoria, delivered by caring, trained adults, will not only accelerate pandemic recovery efforts but also help address long-standing inequality in education denying opportunities to colored children and children growing up in low-income families.

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How can we provide this extra power? Every year, thousands of young people who want to contribute to their community join the national service program. AmeriCorps. Many AmeriCorps members have chosen to work full time as Student Success Coaches (SSCs) at City Year, the nation’s largest provider of SSC K-12s. Student Success Coaches become part of the school fabric and provide learning and socio-emotional support to students throughout the school day – an additional potential that helps students feel a sense of belonging, build confidence and fully unleash their potential.

Studies show – and teachers can tell you – that for success children need safe and polite conditions for learning; access to positive and consistent relationships with caring adults; and opportunities to develop your talents, recover from failures and set goals. Academic and socio-emotional learning intertwined, whether it’s mastering fractions or learning to work in a team.

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Across the country SSCs serve students as teachers, tutors and role models. Teachers have partners they can count on in the classroom, and schools can run enrichment programs after school. The evidence demonstrates that the more time students spend with a coach on student achievement, the more chances there are to improve their social, emotional, and academic skills – with students lagging behind benefiting the most.

Millions of AmeriCorps graduates say their service experiences have positively impacted their lives and shaped them professionally and as civic-minded leaders. We hope that young people across the country will respond President Biden’s recent call serve students as teachers and tutors and apply for a program like City Year today.

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