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Students: Denver needs more color masters


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Martin Castanyon, a student of the Duo of Secundaria North, was born in a community in which the mayor’s office is located as far as But now, say, the new white residents are the most irritated with it, when they are the ones who “will be able to communicate with me and enjoy the culture”.

The decision of the Northern Secondary in opposition to Tim Hernandez, master of English literature, Latin American literature and Latin literature Liderazgo, and if you will run a club of students, tadavia se Ciente Como Otroe Majoria. de origen Latino) de una escuela situada en una de las comunidades maś gentrificadas de Denver.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s depressing, ”said Dijo Martin. “It is like moving many colors and allegations in an environment of depression and obscurity. It’s terrible that Quinn is one. “

Hernández creció en el Norte de Denver y comenzó a enseñar en la Secundaria North el pasado año escolar. This contract is still a year with a year contract. When the solicitor followed in the North at the proximity of the year, Hernandez said that he did not renovate the contract.

In a statement, the Denver Public School District did not renovate Hernández’s contract. The declaration that the district is compromised with recruiting and retaining masters of color calibration, and that the decision of the contracting authority is part of the staff of the school (which in Secundayeria, director Scott, Wolf). If the committee is able to agree, the director has the ultimate agreement with the contract of the union of masters.

The students of Hernández said that he was able to destroy the master who taught him about the Chicano movement, the students of Colorado activists. Los Seis de Boulderand the marches in the West High in 1969, when the students of Denver protested against racism and discrimination. Make sure you have a refrigerator that the students of the Club can enjoy for free. The lounge is decorated with flagpoles and a cartel painted with my hand with the phrase “house of culture”.

“We know that our culture is not untouched by any of our buildings,” said Hernandez, “but I am in my classroom.”

El Maestra Tim Hernandez is close to Secundaria North to the principles of this month.

Aaron Ontiverosis / The Denver Post

The district and the state must have 75% of the students in Denver without any minor rights. Sin embargo, solo and 29% de los maestros son personas de color. Spanish students or Hispanics represent 52% of the county, but solo and 19% of Denver’s Las Maestro, Hispanic Hispanics.

“I’m always there for something bigger than the house of Sr. Hernández, ”said Dio Nieli Lopez, a student of the New City of Secondary North, and a member of the SOMAS SWORD Club. “The reason why we talk so much is that it was one of the little girls of color in school. Retener maestros de color es maś quo solo ofrecerles empleo, es hacer que la escuela sea un lugar seguro para ellos ».

Durant the last weeks, the students of Secundaria North han tenido a sentence in dos abandonment of the building to find out what school she wants to do with Hernández. The girls, 50 students and fans marsharon have the district offices of the district to say to you, «¿A quien queremos? Al-senior Hernandez! Where? En Secundaria North! ” Approximately 20 individuals are on Hernandez’s list of participants in Northern Secondary, in the Réunion de la Junta-Escolar-el-Hueves at night.

At the end of the reunion, the junta voted unanimously that Hernández was eliminated from the list of masters “without contract renovation”. The superintendent Alex Marrero said that she had no sign that Hernández would regress to the Second North, signified that “we will go to the fireplace to find the other side of the DPS at least”.

Chalkbeat spoke with four students – Nayeli, Martin, the student of the duo Daniela Urbina-Valle and the student of the city of Viridiana Sanchez – about Hernández and the court of the Escueros of the District, minorities and minorities. conocida category with BIPOC, Black, indigenous and colored people). This is what our dieron is.

A group of high school students are holding signs as they protest in the middle of a street in downtown Denver.

Estudiantes de la Secundaria North Protestant in front of the central offices of the Public School District of Denver el 19 de Mayo.

Melanie Asmar / Chalkbeat

How much experience do you have to have masters BIPOC in school?

Martin: In general he tenido dos maestros de color. … El Sr. Hernández fue uno de los unicos maestros que realmente mostraba organu su su raza y cultura. It is lamentable that we cannot learn about our culture of the masters. … Contract masters of color us ayudaría mucho. We never know who we are and we don’t want to know where we are.

Viridiana: Finally, have a master who speaks exactly like you, who lives exactly like a translator … the reveler. Fire something refreshing.

Nayel: It is created in a community of people who are part of the Chicano movement. Asi me cri, pero nunca había escuchado sober eso en la escuela.

Daniela: Aunque tengamos maestros que se ven como nosotros, la expectativa es que se conformen a un sistema creado por hombres blancos … Muchas veces el hombre blanco piensa que la educación se trata de control, y el el.

¿What will happen in the classes of Sr. Hernández? ¿Y cómo se sintieron?

Martin: Thank you very much. Find out what it means to be Chicano. For being a Mexican father, the Chicano palace has a lot of weight. The definition of ellos is completely different from the truth. For ellos, Chicano significa haragán; someone living in the system. But this is not the meaning of the original. Chicano se trata del poder latino.

The first school year classes, [el Sr. Hernández] we left to reunion de la West [Secundaria]. Y no era solo una reunion, fue una celebrationción de las protests of the West. The first thing that happened to Sr. Hernández sobre la raza latina fue eso.

Nayel: I know Sr. Hernández in the activity of Secundaria West. My dad [Paul López, Denver City Clerk y exmiembro del consejo de la ciudad] es exalumno de la Secundaria West y era uno de los oradores. I was the only student studying, “Ugh, I am from the Second North and here I am, in the rival school”.

I would like to see a group of students studying with a letter that “From north to west, Chicano Power.”You thought:“ Oh, what a cool thing! ” Nunca había escuchado la frase “Chicano Power“I want my house.

Daniela: My mother was born in Mexico and my father was born in Nicaragua. … No epoch of normal que yo diera that so Chicana porque para ellos, is a negative term. … [Hernández] we feel the sense of the organ’s most striking history. It is not unique to César Chaves. I don’t care about Dolores Huerta. It’s a lot more than you are.

Viridiana: I know Sr. Hernández cuando comenzó el año. … Recuredo que le dije lo mucho que odiaba estar en la class de Lenguaje AP porque no sentía connexión con el currículo. Everything in the class is white. Only we are students of color, contingent with me, and I feel horrible. I feel sorry for you.

Entonces el me dijo que era el maestro de Literatura Latinx y que la klase era divertida. … Tan pronto llegué, me senti bienvenida, senti komunidad, y él únicamente quería que uno se mostrara de manera auténtica.


North. Secondary.

Melanie Asmar / Chalkbeat

¿Qué les lustaría que los adultos a cargo del Distrito de Escuelas Públicas de Denver sepan?

Nayel: We want to be our master of recourse. … para nosotros is not a simple maestro. It’s someone who makes us feel safe. É Él, siendo uno de los únicos Chicanos en la Secundaria North, era un excelente system de apoyo.

Martin: We only want to be our master of recourse, we also want to be more masters than we are, who represent our culture. We do not want to be seen as our representatives but we do not represent.

Daniela: Be inclusive and diversified, you can celebrate LGBTQ + or the Black History. North la North piensa que esa es la manera inclusiva de apoyarnos. Pero de ninguna manera lo es.

Martin: It’s like we are an inconvenience to them.

Nayel: I like what we say in a picture but we can’t listen.

Daniela: Sé de personas que han dicho que les han dicho a los orientadores o maestros de AP que se van a inscribir en klases de etnicios etnitsos y les han dicho, «Eso no se verá bien en tu transcripción de créditos». I do not want to learn and act in accordance with who we are, but what we have to do with the universities. The maestro no deberían decirnos eso.

Viridiana: We have a problem with “problems”. The masters who know how to manage “students like us” because he worked in other schools until the mayor’s office is “like us”.

Martin: Always Usan Frases Como “you people”(La gente como ustedes).

Viridiana: Lo hemos reportedado, pero no hacen nada.

Nayel: The students we know that the masters and many administrators are “problematic” because the masters like Sr. Hernández ven como chicos que van a lograr algo en la vida.

Melanie Asmar is a senior Chalkbeat Colorado reporter and has stories about the Denver Public School District. To communicate with Melanie, write a masmar@chalkbeat.org.

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