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Students discover a world of opportunity with international work – FE News

Students discover a world of opportunity with international work - FE News

Students from the College of Burton and Southern Derbyshire (BSDC) have embarked on working trips to France, Spain, Italy and Malta as part of the Turing government scheme.

In the first group of trips, students involved in travel and tourism, business, catering and hospitality, as well as hair and beauty, take part in international internships related to their industry.

The placement was an opportunity for students to explore the world and broaden their horizons as they develop global thinking for their future careers. Students underwent internships in a variety of vacancies, from tour guides on bicycles to work in hotels and restaurants.

Speaking about his trip to Spain, a business student, Jake Jones said: “I really enjoyed the location; I think the experience was valuable because it was individual. Once I got my placement, I had to get there myself and work with new people in a new environment, and it helps build confidence in the workplace. The work itself was interesting, and the place was amazing! ”

Travel and tourism student Emelia Firn also benefited from her trip to France while working at a hotel. She commented: “I really enjoyed Turing’s trip to Marseilles and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I found that the whole experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. The placement was relevant to the career I wanted after college, which gave me an idea of ​​what to expect from the industry. ”

At the same time, a catering and hospitality student, Cam Gil visited Italy and said: “Visiting Salerno was an incredible experience! I worked at a bar called TOC TOC, and the staff were some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with; they treated me like family from the beginning. I not only learned different recipes and ways of cooking, but also taught me their culture. Salerno is such a beautiful city that prides itself on its fresh food and hospitality; it certainly justified it! I know we all learned different things while there, not only about the culture, but also about our capabilities and about ourselves. ”

The Turing government scheme allows the BSDC to send 100 students studying business, catering and hospitality, hair and beauty, and travel and tourism to France, Spain, Italy and Malta over the next two years. Students embark on fully funded international internships lasting about three weeks. The college also received fewer two- to three-month internships in the same countries.

Anne Walton, international manager at Burton College and South Derbyshire, said: “The trips have been an opportunity for students to develop some of the softer skills covered in our promises of skills such as communication, teamwork and professionalism. Students not only gained work experience but also gained important life skills and a sense of independence.

“The development of international thinking is a fundamental part of the learner’s path here at BSDC, and this experience will give students new skills and a global perspective, improving their chances for future work.”

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