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Sundays in bed with… Dark and Sweet Poison by Judy I. Lynn is another book


Good Sunday! I’m back today with the “Sundays in Bed With…” meme dares to ask what book was in your bed this morning. Share what book you spent curled up in bed reading, or what book you’d like to read today! The meme was originally posted on Midnight Book Girl.

Today I lie in bed with:

Dark and Sweet Poison by Judy I. Lynn

Next month I’ll be on a book tour for this sequel to Poison Imbued Magic, and I’m so excited. I loved the first book and now that it’s over I’m dying to find out what happens!! Let’s check out the book:

About the book:

Name: Dark and sweet poison

Author: Judy I. Lynn

series: Book about tea #2

Page length: 352

Publication date: August 23, 2022

Publisher: Feivel and friends

Synopsis: A great evil has come to Daxi’s kingdom. An exiled prince returned to seize power, and his ascension to the dragon throne fueled mass poisonings that kept the people in fear and distrust.

Ning, a young but powerful shennong-shi—a master of magic who uses the ancient and subtle art of tea-making—was escorting Princess Zhen into exile. They are joined by the princess’s loyal bodyguard, Rui, and Ning’s recently healed sister, Shu. Together, the four young women travel the kingdom in search of allies to help drive out the invaders and reclaim Zhen’s rightful throne.

But the golden snake still haunts Ning in nightmares with visions of war and bloodshed. An evil far older than the petty conflicts of men has awakened, and all the magic in the land may not be enough to stop it from consuming the world.

What are you reading today? Comment below!

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