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Superintendent: Loudoun Co. “hateful and derogatory” comments were made on the Internet

 Superintendent: Loudoun Co.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler said in a message to parents that a small number of students had commented on Google chats.

Laudan County Public Schools, Virginia, warned parents on Friday that some middle school students had made “hateful and degrading” comments in the school-sponsored online chat.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler told parents that a small number of students made comments in a Google chat room that had “a large number of high school students.”

He said the messages were read by students from “several schools across the division” and were detected using software to monitor and report students.

Ziegler said administrators are investigating. Meanwhile, the chat feature for middle school students will be disabled.

“Laudan County Public Schools deny and condemn the use of hate speech and racial insults of any kind,” Ziegler said. “As a community of learners committed to providing a hospitable, safe, affirmative and rigorous environment for all students, we together apologize for not conforming to our stated ideals and values.”

He also said that given that students used “mobile phones, school Chromebooks and messaging platforms” to send messages, parents should talk to their children about “digital citizenship”.

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